The Donkey.

Humble Donkey

Reading a story ...

There was a time when no cars existed in the stables of
a famous royal palace. In this stable there was a donkey that
was very sad due to the mocking received by his companions.
The ungroomed fur, the deep scars on its coat, and the
sad and humble head was noticeable by all. A beautiful
Arabian horse, a former winner of many prizes, was
approaching the donkey.
Alongside the Arabian horse
a fine English horse was also
-“Yours is such a sad fate!
Don’t you envy my position in
the races? I am caressed by
the hands of the princesses
and praised by the words of
the Kings!”
-“Well then! How could a
donkey appreciate the
excitement of the bets and
the taste for the hunt?”
The unfortunate donkey received these wounding
remarks with resignation.
Another proud horse, of
Hungarian origin, also added
his comments.
- “ This donkey is a coward! He
suffered in the hands of the
trainer without even lashing
- “ It is embarrassing to stand
in his company.”
A Spanish donkey approached
and commented mercilessly,
as well:
“ I am sorry to recognize
this donkey as a close
relative. He is a
dishonor, a weakling
and is useless!”
-“He knows nothing
about pride! I only
accept tasks within
limits. If they abuse me
I leap, I kick and I am
capable of killing.”
The offensive remarks
were not yet over when the
King entered the stable
together with the stablehand.
“I need a part icularly
good animal for a special
task of great responsibility,”
informed the monarch. “He
has to be sweet and gent le,
and well trained. He must
be an animal who deserves
my unlimited confidence.”
After a few moments of
reflection the King asked:
-“Where is my
-It is there,
Your Majesty.”
The King personally pulled the
donkey out of the stable
affectionately, and asked that he
be groomed and prepared with
the shining Arms of the House,
and be trusted with his son, who
was still a child, for this
strenuous trip.
Life tells us II - by spirit Neio Lucio - received by Francisco Cândido Xavier.

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