Meimei is the name of a spirit that dictated poems and tales dictated to Francisco Cândido Xavier, such as "The Lord’s Prayer", "Friendship", "Our father".  "Words from the Heart", "Textbook of Goodness”, "Gospel at Home", "A Primer on Being Good" "God Awaits", "Mom" etc... Many spiritist centres pay homage to her. She used to be called Irma de Castro, but is now well-known as Meimei. When incarnated, she was an example of resignation in the face of physical pain. She is spirit of light, very charitable who loves children very much. She sends blessed messages that help many others.
She was born on the 22nd October 1922 in the city Mateus Leme, Minas Gerais State. She moved to Belo Horizonte in 1934 where she met a gentleman called Arnaldo Rocha. They got married when she was 22 years of age, changing her name to Irma de Castro Rocha.
The wedding lasted for just two years, since Irma deceased when she was 24 years old, due to complications caused by a chronic inflammation of the kidneys.

During her childhood, Meimei had tonsillitis, which is a disorder involving inflammation of the tonsils. After she got married she started to present the same problem and had to go for an operation to remove some of her tonsils. Unfortunately after the operation a small piece remained in her physical body, which lead to the drama she had to deal with. She ended up having kidney complications culminating to arterial hypertension and brain damage.
Her suffering increased during her last days of life. She had to go through weekly urine, blood and medulla exams. According to her husband Arnaldo Rocha, Meimei lived this period of her life with a lot of resignation, humbleness and patience.

Her final moments in the physical body were very painful. Her lungs presented a sharp edema, which lead blood to come out of her mouth. Her last thirty minutes in the physical body were afflicted and full of desperation. With the death of the physical body, her figure showed once again the calm expression it always presented previously. Meimei was buried in the cemetery of Bonfim, which is located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Fifty days later, approximately, Arnaldo Rocha was walking along the Santos Dumont Avenue with his brother Orlando in Belo Horizonte. He was feeling really prostrated after the disincarnation of his wife, Irma. Arnaldo never had contact with the medium up until that moment; he was not a spiritist whereas his brother Orlando was.
Ten years earlier he had been introduced to Chico Xavier very briefly. He was only twelve years old at that time. Arnaldo said what happened once he met Chico Xavier after the disincarnation of his wife changed his life completely. Here you can Arnaldo’s testimonial:
"Chico looked at me and said: "Oh, it’s our Arnaldo; you are sad, skinny, yearning for our dear Meimei"... He fondled me with kindness and said: "Let me see, my son, the picture of our Meimei you keep at your wallet." Chico looked at the picture Arnaldo showed him and said: - Our dear princess Meimei wants to talk to you!"
On that night, Meimei dictated the first psycographed message to Chico Xavier in meeting that was hosted in the house of spiritists’ friends, in Belo Horizonte. As the years passed by, Chico revealed to close friends Meimei was Blandina, who is mentioned by the spirit André Luiz in the book "Entre a Terra e o Céu" (Between Earth and Heaven - Chapter 9 and 10). She lives in the spiritual city called “Nosso Lar”, which is an evolving society, much similar to the terrestrial one. Chico also mentioned she is the same Blandina, who lived in 3rd AD and was the daughter of Taciano and Helena, described by the spirit Emmanuel on the book "Ave Cristo" (Ave Christ).
It’s interesting to point out "Meimei" was a kind nickname the couple Arnando-Irma used after they read a tale called "Um Momento em Pequim" (A Moment in Pequin), from an American author. The couple started to call each other by ‘My Meimei’. Arnaldo said it would be impossible for Chico Xavier to know this previously. Meimei is also a Chinese expression that means ‘pure love’.

"One night, we felt a delicious perfume in the air. I knew deep down it was the same Meimei used to wear. I was taken by surprise when I saw that the corridor was lightening up slowly, as if someone was walking carrying a lantern. The light switched off out of a sudden.
The room illuminated again, a few moments later. There is was, in the centre of the room… She looked like a lightening statue. Her face was covered with a veil. She raised her arms and gracefully removed it. She touched her hair and let a beautiful cascade of dark hair fall up until her waistline.
There it was Meimei. She looked at me, saluted me and came closer to where I was sitting. Her clothes were made of a very light and transparent texture. She was stunning! I stoop up to hug her and felt her spiritual heart beating.
We kissed fraternally and she nourished my face. She even played with my ears, as she always used to. When I praised her beauty, her perfume, the beauty of her clothes she said:
- "Oh, my Meimei, here we also worry about our personal appearance! The help to our fellow creatures and the fraternal work make us look ever more beautiful. After all, I am a woman! I made myself ready for you, my dear! You wouldn’t like an ugly Meimei!"

Source: Mofra – Text from Arnaldo Rocha. Extract from the book "Chico Xavier - Mandato de Amor". União Espírita Mineira - Belo Horizonte, 1992.
Thanks Carolina Von Scharten - Claudia Werdine

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