The Wind And The
Sheet Of Paper


A sheet of paper that someone had dropped was taken by the wind and arrived at the feet of little Sarah, who pick it up, surprised. It was a message.

Curious, as every child who is learning to read and write, Sarah tried to figure out what was written on it but she read a word she did not know and got curious. Arriving at the school, she asked her teacher:
- Teacher, what is devotion?

- Devotion, Sarah, means dedication, consecration to something or someone important. For example: There are people who are dedicated to their family, their work, their studies. Got it? - replied her teacher.

Sarah thought for a moment and smiled

- Well then, I am devoted to my doll Bela, since I love her and I dedicate all my time to her: I bathe her, change her clothes, feed her and take her for walks!

The teacher smiled and said:

- All right, Sarah. You demonstrate that you can take care of your doll. But devotion goes beyond it because it means a strong desire to help someone, even leaving aside their own interests to meet the needs of others. So devotion refers not to things, but to people. Get it?

The girl scratched her head and replied:

- Kind of.

- Well, I'll give you a more solid example. Jesus, in His passage on Earth, was the greatest example of devotion to the wellness of creatures by enlightening them, healing them and helping them in their needs.

- Ah! Now I understand, teacher.

The lesson continued but Sarah was thoughtful: - So I do not help anyone. At home, Mom does everything; My father works so that we will have a good life. What about me?...

After the lesson, the girl went home with that in mind. Upon arriving, she asked:

- Mom, do I help anyone?

Surprised at her daughter's question, who had never had this kind of doubt, she returned the question:

- Sarah, what do you think? Don't you take care of your kitten and your doggie?

The girl thought for a moment and then acknowledged:

- No. You are the one who takes care of them, mom. You put water in their bowls, gives them food and when they need it, bathe them - replied the girl, sad, recognizing that she did not help anyone, not even her own pets.

Seeing her upset, the mother came closer and embraced her fondly, suggesting:
- My dear, if you want to help, there's always time. Start with your pets. I assure you they will be very happy. But a warning! You will be responsible for taking care of them. If you don't, they will be thirsty, hungry and dirty. Do you understand?

- Yes, Mom. You can trust me!

And Sarah began to devote herself to her pets, caring and worrying about them. After a few days, if they saw her in the yard they would ran to her side, lovingly. And the girl started to feel happy because now they really liked her and missed her when she went to school, waiting for her at the gate.
Over time, Sarah noticed that she had started to be more concerned about others.

One day, she saw a dirty and ragged little boy sitting on the sidewalk. She felt the need to stop and talk to him. As there were some of the cookies she had brought as snack left, she approached him:

- Hello! Want a cookie?

The boy's eyes sparkled and he reached out his hand to accept it. Sarah gave him the cookie. Then, sitting next to him on the sidewalk, they began to talk. His name was Tony.

- Where do you live, Tony?
- I live in a poor neighborhood, far away from here. My parents work but they earn little and I have two more siblings. So, when necessity presses, I go to the streets asking people to help.

- Ah! So take these for them! - Sarah said, reaching into her backpack and handing him the remaining cookies.

She talked some more with Tony and they arranged to meet again the next day in the same place. After that she returned home.

Sarah told her mother what had happened, asking her to help that family in need, and said as her eyes welled up with tears:

- Mom! I never thought that there were people who did not have what to eat!

At night, lying in her bed before saying a prayer, Sarah told her mother:

- Mom, I now understand what devotion means. I feel love for my pets and also for people. Knowing that Tony and his siblings starve made my heart ache. I want to help them, but I can't do it alone.

- Do not worry, dear. I'll talk to your dad and we will see what we can do for this family, which you became so interested in.

So Sarah, who was tired, closed her eyes and said a prayer:

- Dear Jesus, You who have always loved and helped all creatures, please also help my friend Tony and his family who need it so much. Thank you. Good night.

And she fell asleep with a smile on her face, full of contentment.
(Psychographed by Celia X. de Camargo on 03/03/2014.)                               

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