The Spirits have always said : "The form means nothing but the thought is everything. Say you prayer in accordance with your convictions and in the manner which is most agreeable to you since a good thought is worth more than numerours words which do not touch the heart".

  • Our Father   Of all prayer, this one is considered the most important because it came from Jesus himself (see Mathew 6: 9-13) and because it can substitute all others, according to the intention and the thoughts that are joined to it. It is the most concisely perfect model; a truly sublime work of art in its simplicity. With effect, in its very neighbour. It incluse a mark of faith, an act of adoration and submission, a request for those things necessary to terrestrial life and the principle. Of charity. Whoever say this prayer for another, ask for them what they would ask for themself.

The Gospel according to Spiritsm - Allan Kardec.

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