What is Spiritist Education?

“ A Spiritually  Educated Child – will be an adult that will raise oneself toward future happiness.”
                                                                   Bezzera de Menezes

    What is accomplished in the area of children and youth under the name of Spiritist Education is the dissemination of the Spiritist knowledge and the moral teachings given by Jesus, who was appointed by the Superiors Spirits that worked on the codification, as a model of perfection for the whole Humanity. 
        As the concern is not only with the passing on of knowledge, but mainly with the moral formation, and as the moral formation is based on the Gospel, it seemed more appropriate the denomination of Spiritist Education, as it comprises exactly what takes place during our group meetings.

a)    Promoting the integration of the student: with oneself, with God and with others;

b)    Providing to the student the study of: the natural law that governs the universe; the nature, origin and destination of the spirits, as well as its relationship with the corporeal world.

c)    Offer to the students the opportunity to understand themselves as: an integral being, critical, participative, heir of oneself, citizen of the universe, agent of the transformation of one’s environment, towards the whole perfection one can achieve.

      Spiritism is an eminently rational set of knowledge, and possesses strong resources to enlighten the education with a philosophy that transcends all the immediate material needs, that transcends all boundaries, that reveals broader horizons, which meets the most noble interests, and that has an ideal capable of boosting real progress.
     From the spiritist point of view, education starts before birth and continues after the death of the physical body.

      “It is through Education, even more than by Instruction that Humanity will be transformed."
                                                                   Allan Kardec, The Spirits' Book

The main purpose of a Spirit to return to a body of a child is to be educated again. The positive impressions the Spirit receives during childhood may be crucial to its current existence and even to future lives. It is because of the semi-conscious state of the incarnate spirit in a child’s body that its mental barriers of defense are neutralized, thus it is softer and more receptive, as well as more flexible and open to all influences ...
Hence, the importance of the Spiritist Education, because to spiritually educate the children is to prepare them to face all times and all adversities of life according to the postulates of the Gospel. It is the only way to cultivate in the spirit of the child, since the dawn of life, the understanding of practicing good deeds, the acquisition of morality and knowledge, so that it may reach the twilight of its physical existence conscious of its spiritual achievements, knowing itself and placing itself in the universe as a collaborator of the Supreme Divinity.

The Spiritist Education for Children and Youth is the best way for the Spiritist Center to accomplish one of Spiritism’s main purposes: to transform everyone into good human beings, because the Spiritist Education for Children and Youth is one of the first activities that serve as basis to the moral building of a New World.
The Spiritist Center aware of its mission should make every effort not only to the creation of the Spiritist Education for Children and Youth, but also for its full operation, considering its importance regarding the moral preparation of the new generations and the preparation of future practitioners of the Spiritist Center and the Spiritist Movement.

      A teaching program containing evangelic moral is the key element utilized in the preparation of our classes. This knowledge is brought to the students through practical situations of life. The methodology employed has as aim to inspire the students to reflect by themselves and to reach their own conclusions regarding the subjects studied, because this is the only effective way to promote real learning.
The curriculum utilized during the classes of Spiritist Education has its content based on the works of the Spiritist Codification and it constitutes a course of Spiritism, which develops during the process of the Spiritist Education.

Source:. Curriculum for Spiritist Education for Children and Youth – Brazilian Spiritist Federation/ Education according to Spiritism, Dora Incontri/Concept and Philosophy of Education – Brazilian Spiritist Federation / Education for the Spirit – Walter Oliveira Alves

Start Kit – Spiritist Education classes

Dear Spiritist Educator,

Here are some guidelines which will help you organise a Spiritist Education Department at your Spiritist Centre.

Here you are going to find materials and support for your wonderful task. You are a very important key in this process.

"Who educates, creates ethical-cultural values for a happy and noble experience. Who teaches moral education liberates for a happy life". Amélia Rodrigues

"It is through Education, even more than by Instruction that Humanity will be transformed."

Allan Kardec, The Spirits’ Book.

Spritist Education for children and Youth registration Frorm: This is the form which needs to be filled in by each parent who brings his/her child to the spiritist education classes.

Authorization to Partipate in the Spiritist compaing - Spiritist Centr XYZ: This is the form which needs to be filled in by each parent stating whether they give permission for us to disseminate Spiritist Education for Chidren and Youth by using pictures of their children taken during the classes.
School behaviour policy - Spiritist Centre: The School seeks to create an environment in which effective teaching and learning can take place. This is where you have a policy which can be adapted in accordance with the reality of each spiritist centre. Please hand over 1 copy of the policy for each parent

Confirmation Receipt of the School behavour Pocicy Spiritist Centre XYZ : This is the form which needs to be signed by each parent confirming they have received a copy of the School behaviour policy for the Spiritist Education Department

Child Care Authorization Record - Spiritist: This file should be filled in by parents who are not able to bring their children to school, but send them through a guardian. Please note the guardian requires bringing a signed copy of this document to the Spiritist Education Department

Attendance Record - Spiritist Centre: This records the presence of each child at the Spiritist Education classes. It needs to be signed by both parent and educator.

Record of existing injuries Spiritist Centre: This records existing injuries that the child might present when he/she comes to the Spiritist Education classes. Please note it needs to be signed by both parent and educator. You will need to cut it in half, keep one copy for you and the other needs to be given to the parent.

Accident or Incident Records Spiritist Centre: This records injuries that were caused during the time the child was present at the Spiritist Education classes. Please note it needs to be signed by both educator and a witness. You will need to keep one copy for you and the other needs to be given to the parent.

Class Program and Evaluation: This relates to the Class Program and Evaluation. This can be used as an improvement tool for the Spiritist Education Department.

  Carolina von Scharten, London, Sir William Crookes Spiritist Society linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies.

Source: Seara Espírita Infanti
 Adolescent Mediums
Importance of Youth Education 

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