An Unexpected Encounter

At the time Jesus was walking the Earth, a man longed to follow the prophet who was said to be the one who came to save the Jews from the yoke of the Romans, their conquerors and tyrants.

So whenever Joshua heard that the Rabbi was somewhere nearby, he would run to that place in the hopes of seeing Him. But as he arrived he always got the information that the Prophet was no longer there. And Joshua kept trying even though unable to find Him.

One day, feeling disheartened, he was sitting pensive on a tree trunk. Why was it that only him could not see the Prophet and meet with Him? He lacked feeling loved, he wanted his heart to fill with affection. However, he himself did not love anyone. And Joshua went on talking to himself: "I never had the love of a family. From an early age I was raised by a kind woman who welcomed me into her home after the death of my parents. I grew up feeling a great emptiness in my heart. And so I wanted to see the Rabbi, for I was told that all the pain, all the anguish, found in him the perfect medicine.”

At that moment, letting bitter tears spring from his eyes, he saw a man coming. The man’s presence charmed him. He was tall. He must had walked a lot, for his sandals were dirty with the dust of the roads. He was dressed simply in a light tunic and his gestures were delicate. His hair, fashioned in the Nazarene style, fell on his shoulders and in his beautiful countenance there was a tender sadness.

As he looked into those eyes, Joshua was drawn to the stranger whose presence filled him with peace. Unable to speak, Joshua motioned to him to sit by his side. The man sat down, then asked:
- Why are you here, Joshua?
That voice stirred Joshua as if calming his inner self.

-I’m looking for the Prophet, sir – he said while delighted with that presence.

-And why are you looking for him? – the stranger asked.
The stranger looked at him for some time then said

- Joshua, hope is not an empty word and does not represent lack of activity. It is constant self-work and requires clear and continuous focus to achieve the goal we seek.
- I know, sir, and I believe I have had the patience to attain what I desire.
Hearing these words, the stranger replied:
- But patience, Joshua, represents peaceful determination to achieve what we want. So, if you really want to reach your goals, work tirelessly keeping the light of love above all else. Devote yourself to those around you and you will be blessed.
- Sir, I, however, need love. I miss the affection of a family and friends...
And the stranger went on in an unforgettable tone of voice:
- And what have you done so far to get that love?
- I’ve been traveling the roads to see if I can find someone who can love me.
Then the celestial stranger answered him:
- Until you learn to give love, you will receive nothing back. It is the Divine Law. Give of yourself to the needy on the road and you will get what you want. Learn from the crystalline water that flows and quenches the thirst of the travellers, without ever charging for its generosity. The shadow of the night is overcome by the day that brings light. This is how we must act. Take advantage of every moment as a blessing sent by God for the progress of all creatures.
- Yes, sir. I will do as you say. But who are you who speaks with wisdom and whose voice produces great well-being and the desire to follow you always, never leaving you?
The stranger rose and, before moving away, murmured:
- I am Jesus!...
Hearing His name, Joshua stood still, unable to move. When he realised that he was missing the opportunity of his life, he ran to reach the Master but could not find Him anymore.
Then, reflecting on everything he had heard from Jesus’ mouth, Joshua understood that he needed to change and become someone worthy to follow the Prophet of Nazareth.
From that day on, wherever he went, Joshua seized the opportunity to work with love, without missing the chance to speak to the people, to help and aid them, sure that that would make him worthy to someday be a follower of Jesus of Nazareth.


(Message psychographed by Celia X. de Camargo on 20/10/2014.)
Spiritism for Kids - Célia Xavier Camargo

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