The Existence of God

Reading a story ...

One teacher was having trouble in class with her students.
One of them was called Louis. He had profoundly negative thoughts about religion and began to pass these same ideas to other children.
This boy stated there was no God and that everything was created by man.
The other children felt surprised and upset. They didn’t know how to refute their colleague’s words and began to feel insecure.
This came to the teacher’s attention one day. She felt concerned with the problem and thought about how she could change that situation. She wanted to  solve the issue. She thought for a long time... and after all, had an idea.
One day she warned students that on the next morning, they would do an experiment. They should bring all pieces that belonged to a clock, a radio, a cassette player, or any other object that was broken. They should also bring a box that would fit in this object.
The students were full of curiosity. They wanted to know more about the experiment, but the teacher wouldn’t help, saying with a smile:
- You will know tomorrow.
On the next day all students came earlier to class, under intense expectation. They were all holding the material requested.
The class went smoothly. The teacher asked them to put the material for the experiment on the table at the end.
Then she ordered everyone to place the broken objects inside each box with all parts. She then asked the students to cover it well.
They did so, but couldn’t understand the purpose of that activity.
- Very good! Now I want you to shake the box strongly, trying to get all the pieces to fit into place and the machinery back up and running.
- But, teacher! ... - one of the children stammered.
- Don’t argue. Do as I say, please.
The children shaked the boxes for one minute, five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes ...
They had enough. They were exhausted!
After that time, the teacher asked them to open the boxes and verify the result of their efforts.
- How are the devices?
The children looked at the contents of their boxes and one of them replied:
- They are still broken, teacher.
She then asked the class:
- Really? Was no one able to fix it? – she said, stressing the words well. - Nobody was able to fix their machines?!...
Everyone responded negatively by shaking their heads.
One of them said, convinced:
- No, teacher! Even if we stay here all day, all month or all year long, we won’t be able to fix them!
- Ah! - the teacher exclaimed. - And why is that?
- Because this requires "someone" to put the pieces in place, adjust the screws etc.. Anyway, you need the hand of a person who knows these machines to do the job.
The other students agreed with their colleague.
The teacher asked, satisfied:
- Very good. Does everyone agree that for something to work you need the work of someone behind it?
She paused, then moved her eyes slowly across the room. She then continued:
- Great! And what about the universe? Isn’t it huge? Who can tell me who is the one that causes the sun to rise every morning? Or what makes the plants grow? Or what enables the seasons to occur at special times?
The children realised, after all, where the teacher wanted to get to. The children smiled satisfied. The boy who stated that there was no God, bowed his head in shame.

The teacher then decided to reinforce the lesson. She then asked everyone:
- So who does all these wonderful things?
They all answered:
- GOD!
- Does anyone have any doubt about it?
Louis looked up and replied:
- No, teacher!   
The teacher felt satisfied and decided to conclude the subject:
- Very good. God created everything that exists, including ourselves. So He is OUR FATHER. The Universe is governed by wise laws that are fair, perfect and immutable. We are all subject to them. We must remember that God loves us all, because it is profoundly good and merciful.
Louis, after all, said to the delight of all students:
- I'll pass the lesson for my parents, teacher. I think they never thought about what you said!
                                                                         AUNTIE CÉLIA
Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine
Author: Célia Xavier Camargo

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