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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Father.


Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name;

thy kingdom come,thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive our trespasses

as we forgive those who trespass against us;

and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

(1) Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name!
Lord, we believe in thee, because everything about us reveals Your goodness and Your
power. The harmony of the Universe is proof of a wisdom, a prudence and a foresight which
surpasses all human faculties. The Name of a Being Who is supremely great and wise is written on
all the works of Creation, from the humble grass and the smallest insect up to the stars and planets
in space. On all sides we see proof of a paternal solicitude. Blind then is the one who does not
recognise Your works, prideful is the one who does not worship You, and ungrateful is the one who
does not give thanks to You.
(2) Thy kingdom come!
Lord, you gave Man laws full of wisdom, which would make him happy if only he observed
them. With these laws, justice and peace could be established, and all could help each other instead
of causing mutual harm as they do. The strong should uphold the weak instead of crushing them.
All the evils which are born of abuses and excesses of all kinds could be avoided. AH the miseries
of this world stem from the violation of Your laws, because there is not one infraction that does not
bring its fatal consequences.
You gave the animals an instinct which traces the limits of their necessities and to which
they respond mechanically. But to Man, as well as instinct, You also gave intelligence and reason.
Still more, You gave the liberty to keep or to violate those of Your laws which concern each one
personally, or rather the faculty to choose between good and bad, so that we have the merit and the
responsibility for our acts.
No one can protest ignorance of Your laws, because in Your paternal providence You
desired that they be recorded in the consciousness of each one, without distinction as to cults or
nationality. In this manner those who violate them do so because they despise You.
The day will come when according to Your promise, all will practise these laws. Then
incredulity will have disappeared; all will recognise in You the Supreme Lord of all things and the
reign of Your laws will herald Your Reign here on Earth.
Lord, deign to hasten Your accession by giving to Man the necessary enlightenment which
will conduct him along the pathway of truth!
(3) Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven!
If submission is the duty of a son towards his father, of the inferior towards his superior,
how much greater is that of a being towards his Creator! By the words: 'Your will be done, Lord,' it
is for us to observe Your laws and to submit ourselves without lamentations to all Your divine
designs. Man will become submissive when he understands You are the source of all wisdom and
that without You he can do nothing. Then he will do Your bidding on Earth as do Your elected
ones in Heaven.
(4) Give us this day our daily bread!
Give us the necessary food for the maintenance of our physical strength and give us also
spiritual nourishment for the development of our spirits.
The animals find their pastures, but Man depends on his own activity and his mental
resources to produce his food because You gave him freedom.
You have said: "You will earn your bread by the sweat of your brow," and with these words
You made work an obligation, which makes us exercise our intelligence in the search for the means
to provide our necessities and to attend to our well-being: some by their material work, others by
their intellectual work. Without work, Man would remain stationary and could not aspire to the
happiness of the Superior Spirits.
Please help those of goodwill, who depend on You for what is necessary, but not those who
take pleasure in being lazy and like to receive all things without any effort, nor those who seek
superfluity .
How many succumb throught their own fault, through negligence, through being
improvident, through ambition, or through not being content with what You had given them! These
are the authors of their own misfortunes and do not have the right to complain, since they are
punished according to the manner in which they sinned. But You will not abandon even these
because You are infinitely merciful and will extend a providential hand to them, if they return to
You with sincerity, like the prodigal son
Before lamenting our bad luck, help us ask ourselves if it is not our own work; at each
misfortune which befalls us, help us to verify if we could have avoided it; help us repeat to
ourselves that God has given us intelligence so as to be able to get ourselves out of any slough and
that it depends on us to put this intelligence to good use.
Seeing that Man is subject to the law of labour here on Earth, give us the courage and the
strength to fulfill this law, Give us also prudence and moderation so that we may not lose its fruits.
Give us then, Lord, our daily bread, or rather the means of acquiring our necessities through
work, because no one has the right to ask for superfluity.
If we are unable to work, help us have confidence in Your divine providence.
If it is within Your design to test us with great privation, despite our efforts, we accept this
as a just expiation for the faults which we have committed in this life or in a previous one, because
we know that You are just, and that there are no undeserved penalties since You never punish
without cause.
Lord, preserve us from envying those who have what we have not, or of those who have
superfluous things at their disposal, when we are wanting in what is necessary. Forgive them, Lord,
if they forget the law of charity and of love towards one's neighbour, which You have taught
Withdraw also from our spirit the idea of denying the existence of Your justice when we see
evil prosper, and the unhappiness which sometimes falls upon the godly man. Thanks to the new
enlightenment which You have given us, we know that Your justice never fails and does not make
any exceptions; the material prosperity of one who is evil is as fragile as his bodily existence and he
will experience terrible reverses; whereas life will be eternal bliss for those who suffer with
(5) Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us!
Lord, each one of our infractions against Your laws is an offence we commit against You, a
debt contracted, which sooner or later will have to be paid. We implore that You forgive us through
Your infinite mercy, subject to the promise we make to employ all our strength in not contracting
You made charity an express law for everyone; but charity does not only consist of helping
our fellow beings in all their needs, but also in the forgetfulness and the forgiving of offences. With
what right do we demand your indulgence, if we lack charity towards those who have given us
motive for complaint?
Dear Lord, give us the strength to stifle within ourselves all resentment, hate and rancour.
Do not let death surprise us with a desire for vengeance in our hearts. If You approve of our being
taken from this world today, help us to be able to present ourself to You completely cleansed of
animosity, just like Christ, Whose last words were in favour of His tormentors.
The persecutions which those who are evil inflict upon us constitute part of our earthly tests;
we should accept them without complaint, as we should accept all other tests, without cursing those
who by their wrongdoing, open up a pathway for us to eternal happiness seeing that You said,
through the intermediary of Jesus: "Blessed be those who suffer for the sake of justice!"
Consequently, blessed be the hand that injures and humiliates us, as the mortifications of the body
strengthen our soul, and we shall then be raised up from our humiliations.
Blessed be Your name Lord, because You have taught us that our destiny is not irrevocably
fixed after death; we will find in yet other existences, the means by which we may make atonement
and repay all our past debts, and be.
able to realise in a new life, all those things to help our progress that we were unable to do in this
In this manner all the apparent irregularities of life are finally explained. The light is cast
over our past and our future, as a brilliant sign of Your supreme justice and of Your infinite
(6) Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from all evil.
Lord, give us the necessary strength to resist all impulses towards evil which will try to
divert us from the path of goodness by inspiring us with bad thoughts.
But nevertheless we too are also imperfect Spirits incarnated on Earth so as to expiate our
sins and to be able to better ourselves. The cause of evil lies deep within our souls and the bad
Spirits only take advantage of these inferior tendencies so as to be able to tempt us. Each
imperfection is an open door to their influences; just as they are powerless and give up any attempt
against perfect beings. We are only unable to get rid of them as long as we do not put up a decided
and unshakable desire for goodness, together with total renunciation of all evil. Therefore it is
against ourselves that our strength must be directed and if we do this, the bad Spirits will naturally
leave us since it is the evil which attracts them, whereas goodness repels them (See further on in
this chapter: Prayers for the obsessed).
Dear Lord, uphold us in our weakness, inspire us through the voices of our Guardian Angels
and the good Spirits, with the desire to correct our imperfections so that we may prevent access to
our soul by the evil Spirits.
Evil is not Your work Lord, because the source of all goodness cannot engender any badness. It is
ourselves who create it when we infringe Your laws and through the bad use we make of the liberty
You concede to us. When Man has learnt to keep Your laws then evil will disappear from Earth,
just as it has already disappeared from more advanced worlds.
Evil does not constitute a fatal necessity for anybody and only appears to be irresistible to
those who take pleasure in it. So if we have a desire to practise evil, we can also have a desire to
practise good. For this reason, dear God, we beg Your assistance and that of the good Spirits so we
may resist temptation.

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