Prayer to Guardian Angel and protecting Spirit

Wise  and benevolent Spirit, messengers of God. Whose mission is to help Man and conduct him towards goodness, uphold me in life's tests; give me the strenght to suffer without complaining; turn away from me all evil thoughts, and do not allow me to give acess to any bad Spirit who may try to induce me to evil. Clarify my conscience with respect to my defects, and take away the evil of pride from my eyes which can prevent my seeing them and admitting them to myself.
Particularly to X... my Guardian Angel . who watches over me specially; and all the rest of you protecting Spirit who take an interest in me, I beg you to help me to became worthy of your protection. You know my need, may they be attended to according to the will of God.
The Gospel according to Spiritsm - Allan Kardec.

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