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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Primer On Being Good


The boy or girl who understands makes life better:
to learn is to enlighten.
The world is a blessed school:
Let's all study.

Uberada, Brazil, April 12, 1962

My children:
There are two powers
clashing on the earths, where Jesus
is building the Kingdom of God.
These two powers are the power of good and the power of evil.
We can express either one by way we use our hands
So wherever we go in the world,
There are enlightened hands
That spread love and peace,
work and joy ...
And we can meet thorn-like hands that create hatred and despair, laziness and suffering.
There are hands that tend the field and the garden, producing food and happiness.
And there are hands that give into misery and vice.
Hands that honor business and progress.
Hands that cause tears and increase unhappiness.
We see hands that that hug us ...
Hands of blessed mommies
and loving daddies.
of workers for peace and evolution,
of selfless nurses and generous children
who make sure the Light is being served on the earth
And we see hands that hurt and curse,
That get involved in crime, that humiliate the poor
and the powerless,
that are very mean ...
and that harm nature by killing plants and animals.
We see precious hands that use the hoe
and teaching tools to improve the harvest and education.
And we surprise unhappy hands that steal and kill,
spreading trouble and death
Hands that build churches and homes, schools and hospitals.
Hands that wreck and shatter, deceive
and destroy.
Jesus came into the world so that our hands
could learn to serve the light of goodness and build our own happiness.
With his hands, Jesus healed the sick, helped the weak,
supported the sad, cleansed the lepers,
and gave sight back to the blind ...
He helped the lame to walk; he comforted the elderly
and the disinherited; he blessed the children ...
Ny children, don't let the claws of the darkness
control your hands in life ...
Let's follow the path of light and try to became
close friends with the servants of goodness !
Look at the bright, polished diamond and the diamont still
in the ground. both are children of the earth.
One of them sparkles; it is divine and shows us the
beauty of the sky. but the other lies imprisoned in
the deep darkness of the soil.
Jesus is the diamond polisher from heaven, to whom God
has entrusted our soul.
Let's obey our Divine Master by following his
 lessons and exemples, Christ will make us builders
of the Kingdom of god in the world.
He will lear us to heavenly glory.

A Primer on Being Good -By the Spirit Meimei - received by Francisco Cândido  Xavier

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