Psychographics by Spirit Joana de Ângelis

Plea to The Most Holy Mother

Our Lady:

Here we are once again on the luminous paths presented by your Son, Jesus, nearly two thousand years ago: faith and unrestrained confidence in God, loving one another as oneself and total self-surrender to charity, without which there is no salvation.

For a long time we have planned to pursue the path of liberation, but distracted by illusions we have followed different ways, anguished trails.

Today, however, after experiencing unmentionable misery, we are returning to the flock of the One who is the Way of Truth and Life.

We understand that the modern world suffers under empire of hate and insensitivity that man has created for himself; and as long as this continues, Our Lady, look after these bewildered sons and daughters that were entrusted to you at the cross.

The weeping, on Earth, is increasing at an astonishing rate in the distressed eyes of those who are slowly losing the ability to see clearly –  at a time when revolt dominates the proud culture that civilization has prepared though millennia, faced with threats of extinction which are being made wildly, and forcefully...

The horrors of violence, crime, and war waged on individual, collective and international bases, taking hold of societies, demonstrating the near- invalidity of the glorious conquests of science, thought, and technology...

Women and men finding themselves distinguished by disenchantment, using pleasure as an escape – to which they surrender themselves foolishly, since they have lost themselves in the abyss of their own necessities, from which they are unable to differentiate the relevant from secondary, and unimportant.

Pride reigns, and indifference towards the destiny of too many beings characterises these days of anxiety, fear, and loneliness.

Certainly there are offerings of love and sacrifice, struggles for redemption and dignified work, almost everywhere; however, it is not enough to build the Kingdom of God in our hearts.

On account of the suffering that has taken camp, we beg you, Our Lady, to flood us with the light of discernment and the peace of good sense into (our) disoriented existences, informing us that, until the love of Jesus firmly takes root in the world, hope would not disappear from hearts and minds.

Intercede for all those who have allowed themselves to become cold by hate and hardened by disillusion and frustration, in order that society discovers its path to security.

Yesterday, while Rome persecuted and murdered your Son's disciples, you planted love, charity, and forgiveness.

The persecutions, however, still continue, frightful and perverse.

This time, they are not practised by the empire of the Caesars, who were dominated by the pleasure of deceitful, transitory power which eventually collapsed – they are instead substituted by materialism and cruelty.

In those days already gone by, it was those who were outside of the flock who crucified, martyred, and killed the followers of your Son.

Today it is the very “disciples” who compete for superiority and upset those who are faithful to the postulates of love, with which the former do not concur.

Have compassion on us all, Most Beloved Mother, and help us to be faithful to the end – without complaints, without losing enthusiasm – serving tirelessly, certain that at the final stage we will be able to see and hear your Son, proclaiming to us:

    - Come to me, loyal servants: I have been waiting for you in peace.

Joanna de Ângelis

Psychographed by the medium Divaldo Pereira Franco, during the morning of May 22nd 2007, near to the house where Mary, mother of Jesus, disincarnated.
Location: Ephesus (Izmir), Turkey
Thanks Claudia Werdine

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