Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Rebellous Sheep

The haugth Sheep...

Reading a story ...

A certain very intelligent, but undisciplined sheep, became aware of the benefits that it wool brought everywhere, and after that, he began to feel superior to other beings of the Creation. He began to rebel against the shearing. 

If he was so sought after, he thought, why shoudl he accept the humiliation of those enormous sheers ? He felt intensely cold, from time to time, he did not think much the rich rations that he reveived in the corral, but rather just examined the damages that he was being made to suffer.
Very disappointed he exclaimed to the Creator :
- Father, I am not happy with my coat. 
The shearing is tormenting ...
Do modify me, Father !
- What do you want me to do ?
Vainly, the sheep answered :
- I would like my wool coat to be made of gold.
The request was satisfied the sheep became of gold.
However, as soon as the proud sheep was seen in this precious coat, several ambitious people attacked him without pity. Violently pulling out all the gold threads from his coat, they left him wounded.
Filled with unhappiness and feeling sorry for himself, he again implored of the almighty.
- Father please transform me again ! I cannot exhibit a coat of gold wool. I will always encounter thieves that have no compassion.
- What do you  want me to do ?
The animal, still manifesting vanity, begger :
- I would like my wool to be refined into exquisite porcellain.
so it was done. His wool was transformed into porcelain.
However as soon as he returned to the valley, an enormous windstorn thretened and crushed all the porcelain threads thus wounding the sheep's body.
- Father renew me ! The porecelain coat doesn't resist the wind ... I am exhausted ...
- What do you want me to do ?
The sheep without hesitation said :
- In order to avoid provoking the thieves or being hurt by would like my wool coat to be transformede into honey.
The Almighty complied with the sheep's will. The wool coat of the sheep was transformed into the sweetest honey.
However as soon as the poor sheep return the corral, a blanket of disgusting flies began to hover over him. The more he ran though the field the more difficulty it became to avoid the flies that were drawn to honey and sucking all the sweet threads.
- Father, please modify me; the flies have left me bleeding.
_ What do you want me to do ?
At that time, the sheep thought more carefully and after much consideration said :
- I suppose that I would be happier if my wool coat could be similar to lettuce leaves.

The Almighty complied with the sheep's will. The sheep return to the plains, capriciously happy in his seeming difference.
Howeverm when some horses spotted him, he didm't have any better luck. The horses held him down with their teeth, they bit his body. The eaten his entire coat of lettuce leaves, they bit his body. The sheep onde again sought the intercession of the Supreme Judge while dripping blood from the deep wounds and, in tears, he groaned humbly :
The All Compassionte Father; seeing that the sheep was truly sorry, observed :
- Father I can't stand it anymore !

- Cheer up my son ! what do you wish for now ?
- I dont't want to be superior over my brother.
The unhappy sheep answered weeping.
- Father I want to be an ordinary sheep again, as I once was.
I want to be simples and useful, the way you created me, Lord ! ...
-Today I know that my shearers are my true friends.
- They never left me in wounds and they always gave me food and drink.
The Father smiled warmly and blessed him tenderly as spoke :
"Retourn and follow you path in peace. You finally, understand that my designs were just. Esch creature is placed on earth, according to my laws, in the place that corresponds to him. If you intend to receive, you must learn to give"
Then the sheep, embarrassed but quite satisfied, returned to the valley and joined the flock. And from that time on he was very happy.
Life tells us II - by spirit Neio Lucio - received by Francisco Cândido Xavier.

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