To Be Happy

To be happy is to learn to be happy.
It is not for free.
It is not a gift.
It is not a prize.
It really is a learning process.
You have to take a lesson each day of the week:

Monday: Smile to yourself.

Tuesday: Smile to someone.

Wednesday: Laugh at yourself (we do and think funny things sometimes).

Thrusday: Don't laugh of someone else. If it is too
hard, repeat the lesson before (we do and think
funnier things than the others).

Friday: Give yourself a big hug.

Saturday: Give someone else a big hug.

Sunday: Thank God for your life and pray for the whole
world to be happy like you are.

Make yourself and the others around you glad will make
our planet much better and happier too!
by Junara Araújo
Source: seeds

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