Friday, May 20, 2011

Peter´s Laziness

reading... little story

Peter is a good boy and has just turned five, but he has one major flaw: laziness.

Peter is too lazy to bathe, get changed, brush his teeth and especially to put on his shoes. Each day is a struggle to get him ready for school. And he complained to his mom:

- Why do I have to wear an uniform? Why do I have to wear shoes? Why do I have to brush my teeth? Why? ... Why? …

And the mother explained, with great affection:   

- My son, we all have to do these same things our entire lives, and they are learned from childhood. Mommy, daddy, your brothers, your classmates, everyone. Thus, we create healthy living habits that accompany us throughout life.

But Peter, retorted:

- But I do not like doing the same things every day, mom!

The mother, with patience, held the child in her arms and said:

- Peter, hygiene habits are necessary to not to get sick. Think! What if you do not bathe, do not change clothes, do not brush your teeth? What will happen?

- I'll get dirty, right?

- Exactly. And before long, you will smell so bad that nobody will want to come near you. Got it?

- I got it, mom. You're right. I do not want to be called a pig.

The mom laughed and agreed:

- That's right, Peter! But do you know that not even the pigs like filth? They live in the mud because for a long time, it was thought that they liked the dirt. Then it was discovered that in fact, they roll in the mud trying to wash up, stay clean. So today, there are pigs that are treated well and live in very clean places! But enough talk for now, son. We have to hurry or you will be late for school.

Peter went to school, but the conversation he had with his mother would not leave his head. Later, at bedtime, while he put on his pajamas, he said to himself:

- Mom was right, to take a shower, put on clean clothes, brush teeth, everything is important. But wearing shoes? There should be an easier way where we did not need tying the shoe laces!

The truth is that Peter was too lazy to tie and untie the laces. So, at that instant, he thought:

- What if I put glue in the shoes? There will be no need to worry about it then! That's a good idea! ...

So thinking about it, the boy fell asleep.

He woke up the next day and without anyone seeing him, sought the tube of glue that his mother kept well hidden in a closet, and spread the glue inside his shoes. He was happy! He had solved his problem!

Soon, Peter realized that he could not pull them off of his feet. He tried to remove his feet from the socks but he could not. Everything was stuck: feet, socks and shoes! At night, the way was sleeping with his footwear on.

The next morning, the mother was surprised to see him lying on his bed with his shoes on, but she thought he had already put them on. At shower time, Peter tried to get them off of his feet but failed, so he had to take his shower like that.

Seeing her son bathing in socks and sneakers, the mother asked:

- What is going on, Peter?

Full of fear, the boy had to explain to the mother that had put glue in them and now he could not get them off. She was very concerned because the glue he had used was very strong and resilient. However, after getting some information, the mother calmed down, because all they had to do was wait for the glue to wear out.

So Peter had to do everything wearing his shoes: sleep, bathe, go to school etc. The shoes and socks would get wet and dry on his feet. As a result, his feet began to smell very badly, and when told the reason why, his friends would walk away laughing and making fun of him.

Desperate, Peter cried a lot. He felt very ashamed and could not stand that situation anymore. He did not even want to go to school! Then, in tears, he asked:

- Jesus, help me! I cannot take it anymore! ...

And crying, he yelled:

- Mum! Mum! ..

The mother entered the room, terrified by the screams of the child:

- What is it, Peter? Why are you crying?

So Peter woke up in his bed, in tears:

- Oh, Mum! I cannot stand to be with these shoes! That bad smell makes me sick! I will not go to school anymore! ...

- Calm down, son! What shoes are you talking about ...?

Still upset, Peter removed the blanket and looked at his feet. To his surprise, he saw that he was barefoot and no longer felt that horrible stench. Everything was normal!

- But, Mom, I put glue in the shoes and could no longer take them off...

The mom realized what had happened.

- It was only a dream, my son. It's over! Calm down ...

Relieved, Peter understood that everything had only been just a dream! ...

- Mom! I had a horrible nightmare. I'll never be lazy to put on my shoes again.

And he told his mother what he had dreamed. Then as quickly as he could, he ran to shower to get very clean. The mother, satisfied, understood that he had received a lesson, and mentally thanked Jesus for the help that her son had received.

Pleased and excited, the boy promised:

- I learned my lesson, mom. From now on, I'll do everything right the way you taught me. I'll never be lazy about anything, especially putting on my shoes! ...


Received by Celia Xavier de Camargo

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