A Child’s Appeal

I come into the world every day, seeking rehabilitation and evolution.
Within my soul I carry the scars of the past, softened by the hope of a new beginning, and forgotten in the envelope of a new body. However, the more I rely on you to lift me up to be worthy of the task that I came with, or the test that I planned for myself, or the mission that has been entrusted to me,  the more I see your empty hands unable to help me!

How many times you leave me with the streets for company, abandon me to the least of everything, having no mouth to ask for help, or hands to get sustenance, and my spirit unprepared to overcome itself ….

How many times, you fill me up with harmful fantasies, destructive ambitions, creating castles of selfishness and indifference, in total disregard for the soil of my soul.

Poor or rich, I have suffered the violence of the law of the strongest; you punish me before I am fully aware of what guilt means; you mould me with the force of the whip and coercion, as if my educating needs would be simple domestication ….

Poor or rich, I have been exploited in my innocence of a spirit sleeping in its maturity, and since early childhood I am called upon to deceive, I am encouraged to a purposeless sensuality, and assailed by every type of social disease. 

And, yet, dear adult, what can you expect of the future, if you do not turn benevolent eyes towards me, a child? What kind of transformation you want for the world if you do not throw yourself with all the strength of your soul to educate me?

We are so many in this planet of transition! We are coming on mass, searching for the opportunity of ascension, asking for the privilege of collaborating with you in the building of a joyful tomorrow!
I beg you, do not forget me – because I am your son, your pupil, your grandchild, always your brother, asking and needing just enough love and patience to make myself into a good man and a companion to your ideals!


Message received by psychography on 25th November 1991 by Chico Xavier taken from the book “Education According to Spiritism” –  Dora Incontri – FEESP) 
Activity sent us by Carolina von Scharten, London  Sir William Crookes Spiritist Society linked to
BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies.

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