the Need to Study

The grave is not the end of existence.
Our destiny is grand.
There are worlds of light, where truth reignsworlds that will be our future abodes!
As progress perfectly characterizes the gradual evolution of our planet that will one day be paradise on earth, so this uncompromising Law, which governs the worlds that sway in the Etherprepares us happy dwellings, dispersed in the House of God, which is the Infinite Cosmos.
Have faith and study!
IgnoreTo advance inBecause of the study and research that clarifies the truth comes to intelligenceand thusspiritual evolution, we crane through the roofto understand the things of the Spiritthe things God has in store for all who seek to grow in His knowledge and His grace.
The lights of benevolencewe conqueredenlighten us all scienceall religionall philosophyso that we canwith just titles, to observe the magnificence of the universe and through science to be sure of immortality and Eternal Life"("Life in Another World", pg126)


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