Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"You don't have a soul, You are a soul, You have a body." -C.S. Lewis

 Here are some fundamental basics of who we are as humans beings--eternal souls...

1. You have a soul. You are a soul. Your soul is made of intelligent energy that never ceases to exist.

2. Yes reincarnation does exist. We live many lives striving to learn, grow, advance spiritually from life obstacles, circumstances, lessons, and so on. Your body is a vessel, housing the soul. Before birth, the eternal soul melds with the biological body creating an individual with ego, personality, traits, morals, values different than the next individual.

3. We plan our lives in the spirit world before coming here (incarnating). We choose lives appropriate for spiritual development. We all have a goal to develop into highly advanced souls and (for lack of a better term) eventually "graduate" from living physical lives.

4. When we incarnate (come into this life), an amnesiac block is set in place regarding our past lives and spiritual existence (higher self). What would be the point of incarnating without a clean slate? Our goals, lessons, life to be would be remembered hence we would not be challenged to grow and become stronger knowing this information.

5. This amnesiac block can be removed temporarily through hypnosis, meditation, even while we sleep. It is our conscious thought that blocks us from the reality of our soul. The subconscious opens the door to our eternal memories. We call ALL access our eternal memories. Have you ever wondered why you sometimes forget what you dreamed about? This is due to the amnesiac block setting back in.

6. Earth is like a classroom or a stage play purposely here for learning experiences, spiritual advancement. We are all students or performers in this experience we call life. Your true identity lies within your higher self (your soul)-- the spirit world is our true existence.

7. We are assisted by our spirit guides (teachers in the spirit world) and loved ones on the "other side" while here. The goal is to stay on track (your path) regarding the life plan each of us created before coming here.

8. We have the ability to leave our bodies while here. Some can do this automatically where others need to practice and learn how. At times, we unknowingly leave our bodies in the sleep state. This is how we reconnect with our true essence.

9. Love and light is the basic energy force in the spirit world.

10. There is no sense of linear time in the spirit world-- past, present, and future is happening simultaneously.

11. We are all connected, ALL ONE, all part of this diverse, dynamic scheme of creation. We are here to rediscover our true selves, our true identity, to grow and learn, advance spiritually, live the life we are supposed to live, we have a purpose, we all have free will to make our own decisions and choices while here... Will you take the higher road or will you ignore your gut feelings and make negative life decisions? It is never too late to change your life! The life you lead is up to you!

thanks Memories of the Soul

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