Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What it takes to be a good medium

Since the master Edgar Armong had published his excellent book “Points of the School of Mediums”, it multiplied in our country called mediumship courses, whose heyday occurred in the 70s with the Guidance Centre and Psychic Education (GCPE); which was organized and implemented by a team of friends led by Dr. Alexandre Sech, from the Eternal Light Spiritism Centre in Curitiba.

However, it has lately been said about the real needs of medium to become a mediator safe and reliable.

Clearly, spiritists authors have never unanswered this question, which can be seen reading works of Kardec and Emmanuel. It is us, the harvest workers have revealed a tendency to reduce the mediumship a technical matter, forgetting the moral factor, inherent to good practice mediumship.

If it is from the point of view of the mechanism of communication, mediumship itself does not depend on moral factor, from the standpoint of spiritual care the moral factor is essential.

Ethic mediums have the support of high spirits.

For ethic medium we refer to the mediator that has guided his existence as a real good man, a person seeking to be humble, sincere, patient, persistent, kind, studious, hard worker and selfless.

The first medium’s need is, therefore, to evangelize himself before turning himself to the great tasks of doctrine, because otherwise he may bump into the ghost of personalism and thereby affect the achievement of his mission.

The ideal medium model is that employee who best fits with the Heavenly Father’s will, cultivating the qualities that attract Good Spirits and distinguished by the cultivation of humility and sincere faith, devotion and trust, goodwill and understanding.

In The Mediums’ Books, chapter XX, item 227, are related the qualities which attract Good Spirits.

These components are:

I. goodness

II. kindness

III. simplicity of the heart

IV. love of neighbor

V. detachment from material things.

Opposing defects to these qualities, it gets away, of course, from high spirits, what it hampers the medium aware of the importance of his knowledge has to pass.

We know that mediumship is not a merit to its possessor, since its appearance is independent of the moral education of the individual. That is why people of questionable behavior can be endowed with psychic powers and spiritual entities who find them supporting the will and thought by joining them on the imbalance.

Being a good medium is different, as Kardec explains in the following passage: “No one can become good medium if you cannot divest yourself of the vices that degrade humanity” (Spiritist Magazine, 1863, p. 213). “Everyone can become a medium, but the point is not to be medium; it is being a good medium, which it depends on the moral qualities.” (Id.,ibidem)
Translation:Francine Prado
Source: O Consolador

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