The Spotty Cow

On a beautiful farm, the animals lived happily, coexisting in harmony.

Chickens, ducks and turkeys scratched in the yard, while sheep, goats, oxen, cows, horses and mares seized the sun to graze on a beautiful field, where they had plenty food and water from a crystalline stream.
One day, one of the sheep heard the foreman say to an employee:

- Soon the calf of the spotty cow will be sold. There is a buyer coming who will pay a high price for it.

The sheep wasted no time in telling her friend Spotty:
- Spotty, you know your calf, Cutey?
- Yes, what about him? - asked Spotty, ruminating.

- Will be sold! I heard a conversation between the foreman and an employee.

Spotty almost choked with what she was eating:

- It can't be! The boss is a good man and would not separate me from my Cutey!
Spotty was saddened by the news. She approached her calf and did not leave him anymore. When the employee who looked after the animals arrived at the barn, he saw Spotty with Cutey.

He wanted to remove the calf from near his mother, but Spotty got up
and threatened him, mooing, with an angry face.
The employee went to tell the boss that Spotty was behaving very strangely. The owner of the farm asked if something had happened and he replied:

- No, sir. Spotty's reaction started today, I do not know why!

Intrigued, the boss decided to go to the stables to check for himself. Susie, his little daughter, who was very fond of animals, decided to accompany her father. Once there, they went to where Spotty was with her offspring.

The boss got close and tried to touch Cutey with his hand, but Spotty began to roar, lowering her head as if to attack him. Intrigued, he turned away carefully.

Not even little Susie, who Spotty loved and always gave special affection, could get closer. The girl turned away, frightened.

- Dad! I wonder what is happening with our Spotty? She was never like this!

- That is true, dear. Do not go near her anymore! We do not know what may happen!

The girl sat on a bench and watched the cow. She noted that she would not stay away from the calf, and worried about it, she asked her father:

- Dad, did something happen to Cutey? Spotty is defending her calf!

The father thought for a moment and replied:

- No, little one. Nothing happened.

He paused and pondered, then said:

- The only thing is I received an excellent offer for Cutey, and I am thinking of selling it. But it certainly would not be why Spotty is so angry! ...

Susie looked at the cow while her father was talking and saw her reaction, which was to get closer to the calf as if she had understood the conversation and wanted to protect him.

- Daddy, I think you're wrong. Somehow, Spotty learned that you want to separate her from Cutey. Want to see?

And coming near the cow, the girl said:

- Spotty, stay calm. Nobody will ever separate you from Cutey, you know? Do not worry. I will not let my father do it.

So saying, the girl approached Spotty and stroked her head fondly. Spotty turned her eyes to Susie and she realized that Spotty was calmer.

- Did I not say it, Dad? Now go on, approach her and confirm what I said.

The father, perplexed, unable to believe what was happening, spoke with Spotty explaining that Cutey would not be sold, that she would not be separated from her calf. The cow was now serene, as if everything was resolved. Then Spotty rose, and moving away from her offspring, went to the trough, and started to eat. Certainly she was hungry, because she did not stay away from her calf for a while.

- You see, Daddy? The animals understand everything we feel and speak. Therefore we must respect them. They are creatures of God in evolution, like us, and they are our brothers! - Susie said smiling, pleased with the outcome.
- Where did you learn this, daughter?! ... - the father asked, puzzled.

- At the School of Evangelization in the Spiritual Center, where I go with Mom.

-Oh! I think I'll have to rethink how to deal with my animals. I promise to study the matter, my dear.

The girl looked at him and added:
- Father, not only with animals. With the plants too!

- You mean that plants also have sensibility?! ... - surprised, asked his father, embracing his little girl:

- Sure, Dad!

- Okay, darling! I recognize that you are very wise for your age. You and your mother will still get me to attend that Spiritist Centre and study again. You bet!

Basically, he was content. Seeing his little Susie so intelligent and so smart led him to reflect on the issues which he had never been interested until now.

(Psychographed by Celia X. de Camargo on April 9, 2012.)

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