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Sunday, May 12, 2013

What We Take From This Life

Seven year-old Henry had traveled with his parents over the weekend and on Monday as he arrived at school he noticed that his friends were sad. He looked for Olav, his best friend, but Olav was not in school. Then, he asked the teacher:
- What is happening here? Everyone looks different... with a sad face!
Gently, the teacher said:
- On Saturday, Henry, your friend Olav died. He climbed up a mango tree to pick up mangos and fell off, hitting his head on a rock and did not survive. We tried to warn your parents, aware of the friendship that you two have but you were traveling and we could not reach you.
Henry was very sad. Olav was his best friend. How would life without Olav be now? Who would he play with? Play ball, go for a walk? He began to cry missing his friend. The teacher, seeing that he could not study that day, sent him back home.
On the way home Henry was thinking of his friend. He remembered the time they spent together, the games, bike rides around the neighborhood and so many other things, He even remembered that they liked the same toys.
So Henry thought: If Olav is now living elsewhere in the Spiritual World, who knew if he, Henry, would not also go there?
Then he had an idea! He decided to get prepared for that day. Arriving his house, he told his mother what had happened to Olav. The mother consoled hem.
- You know, dear, that death does not exist and that all will continue to live on in another plane! So pray for your friend and one day you will be reunited.
Henry nodded, agreeing with his mother and went to his room.
He opened the closet and took an empty cardboard box he thought so beautiful that he kept it to use when needed. The time had come.
So Henry collected everything he liked most and put inside the box: a spinning-top with a drawstring, some special toy cars, a green transparent stone he found on a beach, some seashells of different shapes, two or three books of stories he liked to read from time to time and a beautiful blue pen that he go from grandma Beena. Ah! And the clothes he liked the most, which he had gootten from his mother.
Considering himself satisfied, he closed the box, tied it with a ribbon and pulling up a chair put it right on top of the wardrobe.
Two weeks later, he was doing his homework in the living room when his mother said:
- Henry, I was missing the new clothes I bought for you and I looked in your wardrobe. As it was all messed up, I tidied it up and foud this box up there! Your new outfit - the shorts and shirt I gave you - are inside this box! What does it mean, dear?
Then the boy said:
- Mom, as Olav suddenly went to the Spirit World, I decided to prepare myself properly by putting together al I would like to take if the same happened to me.
At that moment his mother was moves, understanding how the departure of his friend had impacted her still very young son.
She approached him, took him in her arms and embraced him with great love, them explained:
- My dear, I understand your desire to want to pack the things that you like in order to take them with you to the Spirit World, if you need to go back there. However, Henry, nothing can go along with you. All that is from Earth stays right here. We can only take with us the qualites we develop and the good we have done. Ultimately, all that belongs to the Spirit; nothing used for the material body. get it?
- Ah! I thought that I could tahe with me all that is mine, Mom!
- No dear. We wii just take the things of the soul. Therefore it is necessary to learn to be good, fraternal, to forgive offenses, develop patience, tolerance and more.
Henry thought for a moment and said smiling:
- So, Olav should be just fine. He never offense at our friends' pranks, he helped everyone and was always smiling. I thought he would be missing "his stuff", but O guess not. Olav really took what he needed... The treasures of the Spirit!
The mother hugged her son and smiled again:
- Do not worry so much about your friend, but he will have the opportunity to meet them again. As for material things, we cannot take them with us, bus we can use our thoughts to create the toys or clothing that we like very much.
Relieved by his mother's explanations, Henry said a prayer with great emotion to his departed friend, who, unbeknownst to him, was present and happily smiling to see that he hat not been forgotten by Henry.
The spiritual ties between the two for sure would strengthen over time, and Olav, now an inhabitant of the True Life, as he leaned and progressed, could become Henry's Spirit Protector.
(Psychographed by Celia X. de Camargo on 15/04/2013.)
Johnny Silveira -

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