The Curse Word

Two brothers were playing in the backyard when they had a disagreement. Three year-old Caio thought that he was the only one who should enjoy and ride their bicycle. Nine year-old Felipe wanted to play too but his little brother would not let him. Losing his temper, Felipe shouted:
- You are... you are... I cannot play with you! You’re really uncomprehending!Enough! I will not play with you any more!
Caio, not understanding that word began to cry and shout for his mother who was working in the kitchen:
- Mommy!... Mommy!... Felipe is cursing!
And Caio cried so much that his mother left the kitchen and came to the backyard where her kids were. Wondering what had happened, she asked Felipe, who was amused with the fact that his brother thought he had cursed, and while laughing turned to his mother to say:
- Mom, nothing happened! Caio thinks I said a bad word! - and he continued laughing.
- And you did not? - asked his surprised mother.
- Of course not!... I said that Caio was un-
comprehending! He did not understand it and did not like it! That's why he's crying.
The mother restrained her own laughter so as not to make her youngest kid even more irritated, then explained as she put him in her lap:
- Caio, dear, what your brother called you is not a dirty word. It's a big word but it means you did not understand what he explained. That’s it!
- No! - yelled the little one, irritated. - I understood it! He wanted to curse at me! I will not play with him either!
Felipe approached his brother, hugged him and tried to talk to Caio but he hid his face in his mother's lap, as to not see his brother.
So Felipe walked away to do his homework. Some time later, he was in his bedroom doing his homework when someone knocked on the door. He opened it and saw little Caio wanting to enter.
- What do you want, Caio? I can’t play. I'm doing my homework.
- Ah! What is it? - asked the little one.
- I have school stuff to do and if I do not do it, I'll get bad grades.
- Why?
- Because my teacher will think I do not know how to do the assignments and give me a low grade. Simple as that!
- Ah!... If that's all there is to it, you can play with me now and...
Felipe looked at Caio, who seemed to regret having quarrelled with him, and said:
- Caio, I can’t now. Go play with your dog, with your toys, with your friends. I cannot play now!...
The little one hung his head, sad and almost crying. Felipe, seeing his condition, felt sorry and stooped down to comfort his little brother:
- Caio, dude, I'm not mad at you. I just have more im-
portant things to do now and cannot play. Do you understand?
-The little boy nodded his head, showing that he understood and left the room feeling very sad. Their mother, who cleaned the living room, saw Caio upset and asked what had happened to which the little one answered:
- It’s just that Felipe cannot play with me. Can you play with me, Mom?
The mother took him in her lap and explained that she could not play now because she was too busy with the household chores, but that as soon as she was finished she would play with him.
- No one can play with me! - cried Caio, looking at his shoes.
The mother, sorry for him, looked around and invited him to help her with the cleaning, stating that right after it she would play with him.
- If you help me, we'll be done soon!
Caio accepted and very seriously took a broom and began to sweep the floor. Right then, his little dog entered the room and barked, pulling at the hem of his pants, but the little boy looked serious at the puppy and said:
- Toto, I cannot play now! I'm busy with very important work! When I'm done, I'll play with you.
And, with a serious face, feeling valued, he grabbed his broom again and resumed sweeping, saying:
- I also have chores, don’t I, Mom?
- Of course, honey! You're little but you sweep very well. Congratulations!... Soon you will be able do other more important tasks. You're really growing up!
And with a broom in his hand, Caio felt much better and valued. When his father arrived home from work, he saw his youngest son sweeping the entrance of the house and invited him:
- Caio, would you like to play with Daddy?
Very serious, he lifted his head, looked at his father firmly and replied:
- Dad, now I can’t. I'm working. When I finish my job, we can play, okay? 
(Psychographed by Célia X. de Camargo on 31/10/2016.)

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