Marcelo and Boss

The truck arrived at the farm, brought Marcelo and his father back from the city where they had gone shopping.

Marcelo arrived hungry and went straight to the kitchen, where his mother had already set the table with a delicious snack. He ate cake, juice and made a huge sandwich, the way he liked it, with a lot of filling.

He took the lunch to eat on the porch where the cool breeze calmed the heat.

Boss, his dog, seeing him from far away, came running, wagging his tail, glad he had returned.

They were inseparable friends. They played, walked and even slept together. Boss was big, cute and strong; he ran all over the farm with Marcelo. He roared to protect him from strangers, accepted all the jokes and rides that the boy invented and since it was a puppy he had a bed to sleep in the room with Marcelo.

- I'm here, Boss! Said the boy, stroking the dog which jumped on him with joy.

His father, who was still unloading his groceries, when saw Marcelo asked him to bring some boxes into the kitchen. The boy helped and quickly they unloaded everything.

Marcelo had left the plate with the sandwich on the porch table, but when he returned to pick it up, he had a surprise: the plate was empty and Boss, next to him, licked the last crumbs on the floor, wagging his tail satisfied.

- Boss! - Yelled Marcelo angrily - You ate my sandwich! You traitor. You knew it was mine. I'm not your friend anymore!

He shoved the dog that was coming to him, and ran out, trying to leave Boss behind.

Marcelo was annoyed for not eaten the snack and for the attitude of the dog, because he was disappointed with him.
Marcela Prada
Extraído da revista on line O Consolador

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