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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Appeal of the Child

I arrive everyday at the world seeking for revivification and evolvement. I carry in my soul scars from the past that are amortized by the hope of beginning again; they are forgotten in the enfolder of a new body. However, as more I count on your help to raise me in the values of the task that I bring, or the trial that I planned, or my granted mission, more I see you with your hands empty not helping me!

So many times you live me in the company of the streets, abandon me to the diminishment of all. I found myself without a mouth to ask for help, without hands to seek sustenance, without a prepared spirit to succeed myself.

Other times you satiated me with harmful fantasies of pernicious ambitions growing me in castles of egoism and indifference, with a complete disdain for the soil of my soul.

Being poor or rich, I have been suffering the violence determined by the law of the strongest; punishing me before I have plenty conscious of what is guilty; molding me into the power of the slipper and the coercion if the education that I need was only domestication.

Being poor or rich, I have been abused in my innocence of asleep spirit in its matureness. I have been required to lie since early age, instigated to sensuality without purpose, and attacked by the sickness of all social classes.

Although, dear friend adult, what do you think of the future if you don’t look at me, the child, with benevolence? What transformed world do you wish if you don’t make a great effort of your soul towards my education?

We are so many in this transitory planet! We are arriving in great number looking for one opportunity of ascension and asking for the privilege of collaborate with you in the building of a more smiling tomorrow!

I ask you do not forget me because I am your child, your student, your grandchild; always your brother asking only the quota of patience that I need to become a good person and your companion of ideal!


Thanks Claudia Werdine

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