Complain Less

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets
                                                                           Jesus (Matthew 7:12)

Aiming to destroy the culture of hate in the world, let us imagine how much better life on Earth will be if everyone faithfully carried out their obligation to complain less.

    How many times do we mistreat others simply by demanding that they do something in a way that is impossible for them?  The extreme positions that we take arise from minor conflicts.  In these circumstances, we are accustomed to deny attention and courtesy even to those who might most need consideration and love; we sow animosity where harmony used to reign; we establish pessimism through unnecessary complaints or create obstacles where great accomplishments might have been so effortless.  All because we do not stop complaining, in the majority of occasions, due to merely trivial things.

    Generally, demands and misunderstandings are found most often among those whom the Divine Wisdom has reunited – under the highest objectives of good – in the home, workplace, or theatre of ideals.  For this very reason, conflicts and rejections almost always appear in the midst of the tasks that we are led to do for the purpose of assistance and understanding.  Reprimands exchanged between husband and wife, parents and children, siblings and friends.  Out of minor rifts develop moral disasters which compromise community life – misunderstandings, quarrels, disturbances and accusations.

    Let us dedicate our best efforts to the solution of the problem, aiming to overlook ourselves so that we might be most useful to those around us, and may we be convinced that the security and success of any formula for progress and elevation require our complete faithfulness to the programme that life establishes for us, in all areas, for our benefit: complain less, and serve more.


From the book “Follow Me”, psychographed by Francisco Cândido Xavier
Thanks Claudia werdine

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