The Boy and the Rainbow

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Tom was a boy who had everything. There was nothing missing in his life.
He had loving parents, a comfortable house, nice clothes and studied at a good school.
But Tom was a boy who could only see the negative side of life. He was always looking for the downside in people and things.
If a friend came close to him after taking a shower with clean clothes, he would look at his feed to find something to criticize: - Your shoes are so ugly!
The food at his home was always made with love and care by his mother, who was anxious to please him. He would try and wrinkle his nose, saying:
— This isn’t good! It’s too salty!
His mother felt sad, but there was nothing she could do. She tried to make him change his behavior, teaching that everything has its good side and it’s necessary to see life through a different perspective.
Therefore, Tony never changed. He seemed to be getting worse and worse everyday.
Nobody liked him. His schoolmates shunned his presence, fearing his criticism. He became increasingly lonely and grumpy with that.
His mom was really concerned about him. She prayed to Jesus, asking him to help her son change. What would happen to him in the future, if he kept like this? Life would be too difficult for him to bear.
One day, however, he was playing in the yard. He run through under a tree and didn’t see a twig. He bumped into it with violence. He immediately felt a terrible pain in his eyes. He  couldn’t open his eyelids and had tears in his eyes too.
His mother took him to the doctor. He looked at Tom, calmed his mother’s fears by saying:
- Thank God it was nothing serious. His eyes were slightly scratched by the tree branch. However, he needs to rest and be blindfolded.
The doctor put an ointment and a bandage on each eye. His vision was completely blocked. The doctor then recommended:
- Come back in two days.
Tom left the doctor's office complaining.
- Don’t complain, my son. Thank God, because you could have been blind – his mom said patiently.
Those two days were a torment for the boy. He wept, complained, tapped his foot on the floor, made a tantrum, but ended up accepting it. After all, the doctor said that if he wanted to heal, he would have to be blindfolded.
He then learned to walk around the house, but bumping into furniture. He was already able to tell if the sun was out or not by his body heat. He smelled the flowers, felt the wind and everything that he didn’t care much about before.
At the end of those two days, he was more relaxed and pleased. He returned to the doctor at the right time.
He felt quite emotional when leaving the office, after having removed the bandagesfelt quite emotional. He was so happy to see the streets again, the people walking, cars in traffic, the sky, the trees ...
Tom even cried with happiness.
His mother pulled his hand, saying to him:
- Come quickly, my son. See how ugly the weather is. I think it will rain soon!
Tony looked up, staring at the sky full of dark clouds and smiled:
- I don’t think the sky looks ugly, Mom. I even think it’s quite cute! See the beautiful rainbow that appeared among the clouds! It seems it’s greeting me and saying, "Welcome to life, Tony!".
His mother looked surprised. She noticed the change that happened to him. Tom then said:
- You know, Mom, these two days have made me see things differently. The fact that I couldn’t see, that everything was awful dark, made me value what surrounds me. More than that... I now understand that before, even having a perfect vision, I saw less than when I was blind. I now understand why you kept trying to make me change my behavior. I see now that everything is beautiful in nature, people; in the things that surround us.
Her mother sighed and looked to the sky. She thanked Jesus intimately for the lesson her son received.

                                                                     AUNTIE CÉLIA

Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine
Author: Célia Xavier Camargo
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies
Thanks Carolina Von Scharten

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