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Friday, March 25, 2011

Time Lost

Reading ...Litlle story

Once there was man who was a carpenter. He had managed to work with wood in an extraordinary way. He was a true master at this craft. His work was admired by everyone. This man had a dream.
He wished to carve an image of Jesus in natural size into wood; he loved Jesus dearly.
The man talked to a friend about the dream he had. His friend encouraged him by saying:
- So why don’t you start it? I am sure the sculpture will be a masterpiece, with the talent and skill you have!
The carpenter then replied:   
- Oh, my friend! The work must be perfect. I haven’t yet decided which wood I will use.
He was always in doubt. Time passed by for the craftsman. into the wood. One timber was not suitable for him because it was too stiff; the other because it wasn’t tough enough and another was soft and easy to handle, but the colour didn’t please him.
So time went by and the carpenter didn’t complete his artwork.
A few years later he met with the friend again. He had just returned to town and decided to ask the man about the work.
- I decided the type of wood that I will work with. However, I haven’t yet started because I'm not feeling 100%. I think I need to be ok with myself and the world to be able to carve the figure of the Master. Customers demand a lot of my attention. I often get irritated and loose patience. Besides, I can’t stop working at my carpentry because I need to earn a living for my family. I can only devote myself to my dream during my spare time. Even then, I feel tired and sleepy most of the time, but I do intend to begin my masterpiece soon – he said, trying to look enthusiastic.
Some time later, they got together once again. The carpenter argued, once asked by the friend who showed interest in the issue:
- Unfortunately, I haven’t yet started the work. My family requires a lot of my attention and my children require my care. You can understand that; they are still small and dependent. But when they grow up a little more, I can work peacefully.
And so time passed by. Many years later, his friend decided to meet the carpenter again once visiting the city. He met him; he was now old and sick.
The visitor asked, after greeting each other and exchange news:
- So? I'm anxious to see the work that you wanted to do so much. Surely your artwork must be superb!
The craftsman’s eyes looked quite faded… He said, with an infinite sadness in his voice:
- Oh, my friend! Unfortunately, I have never even been able to start the work that represented the dream of a lifetime. The difficulties were too big and the need to provide for my family absorbed me. I am now sick and helpless. My eyes are weak and I can’t see as much as before. My hands are trembling; I can no longer work.
His friend felt sad to see the carpenter pull out a tissue and dry a tear, full of regret and bitterness.
- It's late, my friend. I had all the right conditions and failed to make it. I missed the opportunity the Lord has given me.
The visitor tried to cheer him up and said:
- Who knows? Do not feel discouraged; perhaps it’s still possible.
The carpenter looked at his friend, showing that he understood the full extent of his uselessness and blindness. He then replied feeling quite convinced:
- Not now; only if in another existence!

                                                   AUNTIE CÉLIA

Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine
Author: Célia Xavier Camargo
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies
Thanks Carolina Von Scharten

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