The Divine Reply

    At the moment the Assembly of the Elect considered perpetuating Jesus's message – reborn in Spiritism, close to us – emotion and anxiety filled the angelic hearts.

    Experts in the area of Erraticity opted for proclaiming the immortal book; mystics accustomed to prolonged manifestations of solitude and renunciation suggested charity to attend to the suffering of millennia; saints, strengthened by self-denial and sanctified by virtues, presented the dissemination of prayer as a connecting bridge with the Esteemed Commands of Life; scientists used to lengthy research and arduous toil in the laboratory put forward the necessity of publicizing the phenomenon of mediumship in a safe and secure way; and the heroes of Faith opted for the starting tireless fights that might test the determination of believers – as valuable tools in the battle against evil.

    Everyone affirmed that it was necessary to keep the Christian Spiritist standard alight during  the difficult times that may lie ahead.

    However, as it was established that the reincarnation of souls en masse was impossible, the various suggestions put forward demanded further thought and study.

    Someone, who had remained silent, presented the idea of consulting the Heavens in fervent prayer in search of divine inspiration.  While the hearts fused into one sentiment of prayerful communion, celestial dew, in silver flakes, fell onto the representatives of Jesus.  Their prayers were blessed.

    Nevertheless, in a dazzling light, a heart – symbolizing love and maternity – gleamed.  In its centre, the Gospel of Our Lord open with the following message:

“Allow the little ones to come unto me...”

    The Spiritual messages tell us that, since then, spirits, entrusted with the programme of Christian Spiritist Evangelization have been reincarnated together with the little children – with the mission of spreading the Divine Word, maintaining the Kardequian revelation in hearts and minds, blessed by Jesus Christ, for the ages to come.

                                                        Amélia Rodrigues

(Received by Divaldo Pereira Franco on 28-01-1961, Salvador – Bahia, Brazil.  From the book Gospel and Education, by Ramiro Gama, p. 7)
Thanks Claudia Werdine

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