Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Always Summoned

The Christian is always called to serve, everywhere.

In the place of suffering, to administer comfort

In the cavern of ignorance, to provide consolation

In the castle of pleasure, to teach moderation

In the precipice of transgressions, to prevent falls

In the carriage of abuse, to demonstrate sobriety

In the pit of darkness, to ignite a flame

In the gloom of discouragement, to open the doors to good cheer

In the inferno of hate, to multiply the blessings of love

In the marketplace of cruelty, to dispense kindness

In the palace of justice, to put himself in the defendant's place,
in order to examine the errors of others

At every turn of the road, let us find suggestions from the Lord,
challenging us to serve

                                                                          André Luiz

Christian Agenda -Dictated by the spirit André Luiz - received by medium Francisco Cândido Xavier  Pocket Edition.  Rio de Janeiro, RJ: FEB.(Brazilian Spiritist Federation) 1999
Thanks Claudia Werdine

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