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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Dream of Hope

Reading ... Litlle story

Carter was a boy for whom life was difficult since the beginning.
His father passed away a while ago, victim of an accident at work. Since then, everything changed in Carter’s life.
 Without the presence and support of his father, the situation became very difficult. His mother was forced to leave home to work in a rich house.   

As they were unable to pay the rent of their home, they were forced to move to a poorer area.
They moved there, but the different environment looked quite hostile. The mother decided to talk with God, in her thoughts:
“Oh, Lord, what will happen to my child? He will have to grow up in this environment, living around creatures with a low moral level. He could even become a criminal! Help me! I feel so alone since my beloved husband died! But I trust the Lord and know He will not leave us in the lurch. "
On that night, the mother fell asleep crying. She hidded her feelings from her son so the child would not see her tears of sorrow and pain.
On the next day, as soon as the first rays of sunshine broke into the small hut, the mother got up to prepare breakfast. There was no milk or coffee. They only had tea and bread to eat.
Carter woke up in a good mood. He realised his mom’s face was puffy from crying. She was suffering a lot.
The boy explained to her, feeling happy and smiling:
- Mom, I had a beautiful dream last night.
She asked him, full of interest:
—Tell me, son. What was your beautiful dream?
—I dreamed I was a very beautiful place, full of bright flowers. I then saw my father coming. He embraced me with affection and told me that I should trust God.
"You know, my son - he said - nothing happens by chance. In another life you and your mother hurt one of your brothers pretty badly, due to ambition. You stole everything he had and left this person on the streets.
Your brother wandered homeless for a long time living at someone else's mercy, until he fell ill and died. That is why you are now experiencing many difficulties. Trust God and endure the tests with resignation, because it will release you. The Lord is good and will certainly assist you."
Carter’s mother was surprised and very moved. She now let tears ran down her face. The boy felt quite moved; he then continued:
— You know what’s funny, mom? I saw the scenes which he described as if it were a movie. And guess what? I felt my father was the one we harmed! Do you think this is true?
The mother looked at her son with love and said:
—My son, this is God's answer to my prayers. He answered my questions through the dream of a child. Yes, Carter. I believe that all this is true. We must have hurt a lot someone so that we are now going through this test.
She started to wipe her tears. She stared her child with determination and courage, and said resolutely:
—We shall win, my son. Let’s keep being positive, having courage and faith in God, who is our father. I'm sure He will not leave us helpless.
Carter smiled happily when he realized that his mother was more content and resigned.
At that moment, someone knocked at the front door. Carter reaches the door and comes across a woman who had a broad smile on her face. The visitor said:
— Hello! I'm Cecily, your neighbor next door. Since you just moved in yesterday, I brought you warm home baked bread and a bottle of coffee.
Before Carter’s mom had time to thank her neighbors’ kindness, a ten year old girl came near and handed a small beautiful flower to her:
— Here, this is for you. I was the one who planted this flower.
Shortly thereafter, a mean appeared at the door who asked, smiling:
—Do you like chayote? I brought you some that I gathered in my backyard.
Carter’s mother hugged the strangers who invaded her home as a ray of sun. She realized that all places and all people are children of God. We can find good people everywhere we live.
She thanked for the blessings received at that moment and exclaimed, smiling:
— Thank you so much! It was Jesus who sent you!

                                           AUNTIE CÉLIA

Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine
Author: Célia Xavier Camargo
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies
Thanks Carolina Von Scharten

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