Laurence’s Dream

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Laurence was only eight years, but was very lively and intelligent.
One day at school, he heard the teacher talk about the existence of the "soul" explaining that it is immortal. Therefore it already existed before this life and continues to exist after the death of the physical body. Finally, the teacher, who was a spiritist, added:
—Sleep is a state very close to death, because the spirit leaves the body and goes wherever it wants. The difference is that, we wake up every morning from sleep. When the death of the material body occurs, the spirit does not come back to inhabit that body of flesh.
Laurence listened carefully and felt concerned with the words of the teacher.
In fact, he did not understand how this could happen. Moreover, he neither knew whether he believed in "spirit."
—Do we really have a soul or spirit? — he asked.
—We do not have a soul or spirit, Laurence. "We are" the spirit - the teacher said.
Laurence was surprised. He had never heard anyone talk about that!
He then returned home quite thoughtful and full of doubts. He could not think of anything else for the rest of the day. He said a little prayer to Jesus at night; the one that his mother taught him, and laid down. Before long, he was sleeping.                            
Laurence woke up some time later. He felt thirsty and got up to drink water.
He felt lighter, cheerful. When he got out of bed, he felt quite shocked. He saw another Laurence asleep. How could he be in two places at the same time?!...  He then remembered what the teacher had taught.

— How cool! This is my spiritual body! I'm out of the body of flesh!
He found that situation quite funny, left the room and walked through the house. His parents were still awake. Laurence saw his mother knitting and his father reading a book in his favorite rocking chair.
He went to the kitchen to drink water, but could not hold the glass, because his hand went through it without being able to catch it.
He saw his kitten Spot at corner of the kitchen. He decided to play with him.
— Spot! Spot! Spot! Spot! — he called.
The kitten woke up. Laurence approached him and passed his hands on the cat. The little animal meowed and went into hiding in the middle of a bunch of clothes, as if afraid.
Laurence decided to leave Spot in peace and return to his room.
He saw Grandpa Charles beside his mother, when passing through the front room. His grandfather said smiling:
—Look after your mother, Laurence. Tell her I'm fine.
The boy, now feeling sleepy, returned to his bedroom and laid down.
On the next day, Laurence woke up early to go to school. He changed his clothes and went to the kitchen where his mother had just prepared breakfast.
They sat down. The lady said, as she put coffee in the cup:
— How strange! I do not know where your kitty is. Spot is usually near us whenever we sit at the table for meals. I have been awake for hours and Spot has not yet appeared.
Laurence remembered the dream he had at that moment and said:
—I know where he is.
He got up, went to the place where the bunch of clothes was located and found Spot.
— How did you know he was there? —his father asked, curious.
Laurence told the dream he had at night, leaving parents surprised. He then continued:
— And there is more. Grandpa Charles was in the room next to you, Mom. He asked me to take care of you and to tell you he's fine.
The lady’s father had died a few months ago. She said thrilled:
—But your grandfather Charles is dead, my son!
—Well, I saw him alive and well, Mom. I didn’t even remember that he was already dead.
Laurence’s parents hugged each other, realizing that something really great happened that night.
They did not believe in anything, but now felt a new hope in their hearts, thanks to the dream of their son Laurence.
The boy, with his eyes wide open, said:
—My teacher is right! There is no death! ...

                                             AUNTIE CÉLIA

Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine
Author: Célia Xavier Camargo
Thanks Carolina Von Scharten

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