Friday, March 25, 2011

The Effort of the Little Seed

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Once upon a time, there was a seed that came from a tree and fell into the ground. One day, the wind started blowing hard and dragged it away...
The seed was now feeling quite lonely. It was located in a strange environment, away from where it had always lived. It was far from the tree it came from… The little seed was confident that life would change, though. One morning, it looked up and saw heavy clouds gathering in the sky. It soon realized it would rain.
The wind began to blow. It rained, leading to the formation to a small stream.
The seed was terrified. It was dragged by the flood for a long time... until it realized it stopped somewhere. The mud involved the little seed. There is tas, hidden in the dark, covered by soil.
The little seed felt very sad, as it couldn’t see anything. It was alone and unable to leave that place where no light came through. It didn’t like the darkness, nor the humidity, or the soil that kept it stuck, preventing it from seeing the sun.
The little seed never lost hope of a better future, though. It trusted the Creator didn’t create her in vain.
The seed felt life pulsing from within: Toc toc toc ... ... ... It was its heart beating.
But what was the use of having a heart to feel alive, if it couldn’t do much? After all, the little was buried under the ground.
The seed was now in tears, praying with great faith:
- Help me, Lord. I want a different life. I want to do something useful and good! Don’t leave me helpless.
The seed eventually settled, tired of crying. It then slept huddled to the ground.
One day, the little seed woke up. It slept for a long time and was now feeling quite awake.
It took a deep breath and stretched. It then realised two delicate buds emerged from its body.
It began to push, stretch... It stretched more and more... and managed to break through the soil!
A beautiful gorgeous spectacle unfolded before its eyes: blue sky, green trees and flowers that existed nearby, birds, and especially the sun that was warming its body.
A few days later, the little seed was now a beautiful strong plant. It was now full of small twigs and green leaves.
It soon became a beautiful bush. It wasn’t long until it got transformed into a small tree trunk with small branches.
It soon discovered it became an Apple Tree!
The Apple Tree wondered how its life had changed. Birds came to perch in its branches, small animals were housed under the top of the tree, people protected themselves under its shadow, kids climbed into its branches and, at the right time, picked up sweet and tasty apples from it. Even the worms in the soil were benefited. They enjoyed eating the fruits that fell on the floor.
The Apple Tree welcomed everyone, glad to be helpful. It was now happy and fulfilled.
Its heart is big and generous, full of gratitude. The tree knew how much it owed to the soil that sheltered the seed for so long, the water that kept it alive, the heat and the sun that gave the seed the opportunities to grow and develop.
It now understood that, without the difficulties it had gone through, the Apple Tree couldn’t have become a beautiful tree.
The tree thanked God for creating it, knowing it needed to go through that process of learning to grow and accomplish the tasks it needed to fulfil.
The apple tree felt important; it no longer considered itself to be useless.
The tasks might be small, but made the tree feel very happy for being useful.

                                                 AUNTIE CÉLIA

Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine
Author: Célia Xavier Camargo
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies
Thanks Carolina Von Scharten

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