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Friday, March 25, 2011

Colourful Fireworks

Reading ... Litlle story
Laura was walking down the street, thinking...
She was upset because she wanted a new dress she had seen in a store and couldn’t afford.
She asked her mother for it. She insisted, begged, but the answer was always the same:
- No, my daughter. We have no money now. Maybe another time?
The girl put her foot down, demanding:
- No. I want it now! That dress will no longer be available in the store later on. And it's beautiful, Mom. I want it so much!
- You won’t have it, Laura. I'm currently short of money and can’t spend what I have to fulfil your wish.
The girl cried, threw a tantrum, stamped her foot angrily, shouting in disagreement - but I want it!
Despite all Laura’s pressure, her mother didn’t give up. She stood still. Laura spoke to her father, thinking it would be easier to get the dress from him. She approached him coyly as she always did when she wanted something. She sat on his lap and asked:
- Daddy, can I buy a dress I saw at the store? It's beautiful!
However, the response she got from his was the same one: No. Laura went to her room weeping, but had to accept it because her parents wouldn’t change their minds.
A few days later, Laura woke up with fever. Her mom Isabella was very caring and concerned about her child. She didn’t let her daughter go to school, forcing her to stay in bed.
As fever didn’t diminish, her mother took Laura to the doctor. She was beginning to have pneumonia.
The girl was in bed for more than a week, taking drugs. She was claiming she not able to leave the house and go to school.
- Will I get better soon, mama? - She asked. – Our school party is getting closer and closer. I do not want to miss it!
- Let's see. It depends on you, my daughter. If you take the right medicine, rest at home in bed, who knows?
That was a very long week for Laura. Although distraught, she had to obey. She played checkers with friends, watched television, and, when alone, read a lot.
She wasn’t a child who read much but now was reading books that spoke of things that are really important in our life and we should value, such as family, health and education.
At the same time, Laura couldn’t help noticing her parents were spending a lot on her. They had to pay the medical consultation, medicines and even buy better food to enable her to recover.
She felt quite concerned and then decided to ask her mother:
- Mom, you said that you had no money but is now having to spend so much on me! Where did you get money?

- Health, my daughter, is very important to us. We will always find a way. It is different from buying a dress; it is not necessary and we can live without it.
A week later, the girl was different; much calmer and more serene.
There came the day of the school party.
Laura was now fully recovered. She got up and went to the party, happy to meet with her colleagues and friends.
She looked at her mother, smiling and said:
- You know, Mom, I learned a lot in those days. I learned that some things are really important such as health, for example. I was angry because you couldn’t buy that new outfit that I wanted so much, but now I can’t even remember it!
Looking colleague who was holding fireworkds, she explained:
- I learned that there are things in life that are like fireworks: after burned, there isn’t anything left over. They are beautiful, bright, colourful, but just for a moment. They do not last.
She then stopped talking, looked at her mother with affection and gratitude, adding:
- But love lasts forever.
                                                                         AUNTIE CÉLIA
Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine
Author: Célia Xavier Camargo
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London,  linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies
Thanks Carolina Von Scharten

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