Friday, March 25, 2011

God’s Answer

Reading ... Litlle story

Jean was a eight year of old girl who was used to going through challenges in life.
She never got to know her father. Her mom abandoned her when she was four years old.
One of her neighbors felt pity of her and decided to take her home. Despite all the difficulties of her life, Jean was never felt angry or revolted. Her heart was loving and good.  She believed in God and was sure he would not leave her helpless as she once heard someone teach.
One day she was walking around the city and saw a man getting closer to her. He was quite well-dressed. He passed by the little girl and decided to give her a present.
She thanked him and said God will be blessing him and his family. On the following day, he found the girl in the same place. She smiled and he decided to give her another present.
- God bless you. I pray you will always have everything.
He felt quite impressed with her loving and hoping attitude. He could not forget the girl's face all day.
On the next morning, there she was in the same place. The girl approached him with a flower in her hand, smiling.
- It's yours. I brought this for you.
Manoel felt quite surprised; he felt the need to stop and talk to her.
- How are you called, little girl? – he asked.
- Jean.   

- How old are you, Jean?
- I think I am eight years old sir.
- Don’t you go to school? - He asked.
- No, I don’t. I could never study, despite having a strong desire to learn to read and write.
- Where do you live, Jean? – he asked, feeling quite impressed.
- I live with my friend and her children.
- Why? Don’t have a family?
- My mother went away when I was very small. I have only a father.
- Whot's your father? - He wondered.
The girl replied seriously.
- God.
- God? Is this the name of your father? - He asked, thinking he hasn’t got it right.
- Yes, God is the Father of everyone! - She replied with simplicity.
- Ah! It's true.
- Then He won’t let me miss anything. I have everything I need. I have a roof to shelter me from rain and cold. When I am hungry, I get food from my neighbour, who is very kind to me. I sometimes feel I would love to have my own family but I am very happy with what God has given me.
Manuel felt quite moved by the child’s statement:
- What else would you like to have, Jean?
- Nothing. I don’t need anything.
- Just say it to me, please. I wish I could help - Manuel insisted.
The girl thought for a little while and, with tearful eyes, said softly:
- I wish I had a real family.
Manuel felt his heart tight and tears came flooding into his eyes. He felt guilty. He was wealthy; he had everything. He had a big house, a good job and had no children. He lived with his wife and just never thought of helping people. That child was asking so little of life!
He took a resolution. His wife had always wanted children and would like it.
He stared at the girl before her, and said:
- Everything will be different now, Jean. God, despite giving you everything, as you said, has instructed me to be your father on earth. Would you accept it? In addition to having a father, you would also have a mother.
Jean jumped into Manuel’s arms, full of joy. She couldn’t believe in such happiness.
- Did God send you? I accept it! I knew he wouldn’t fail to answer to my prayers. - she explained. - I always asked Father in Heaven to give me a real father here on earth.
Jean then remembered the neighbour who, even though couldn’t give her love and care, still let her stay in her house for the last few months:
- Oh ... What about my friend and her children? I can’t abandon them! I want to work to help them.
- You won’t abandon them, Jean. As my daughter, you will be able to help them. I have money.
The girl clapped with joy.
- Good! Good!
Manuel looked at her with great affection. She holded his hand and asked:
- Can I call you daddy?                                                                         

                                     AUNTIE CÉLIA

Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine
Author: Célia Xavier Camargo
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies
Thanks Carolina Von Scharten

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