The Carousel

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Fernando came from a very deprived background. He often did little jobs to help his family.
He has a very good heart. He is always a very cheerful and helpful person, who loved sharing everything he had with others.
One day, he got home early because he was only able to get a few coins from the jobs he did.
It was almost night time. He passed in front of a beautiful sweetshop, stood and watched the candies displayed there.
He heard a deep sigh coming from his left side. He turned and saw a little girl, eyes wide open, staring at a huge piece of cake with chocolate icing.
The girl looked like she was hungry. He felt quite touched by her look and said:
- Are you hungry?
She nodded, without taking her eyes away from the cake.
Fernando reached into his pocket and checked if he had enough money.
He was also feeling hungry, but his mom would be certainly at home waiting with a plate of food for him to eat. He wasn’t sure if that little girl’s family had the same resources as his.
He actually wanted to buy something for himself with the money that he had, but the little girl seemed so hungry!
He then decided. He got into the bakery and paid for the cake. He then offered it to the little girl, who was smilling to him.
The girl’s look of joy was enough to reward him.
He felt so happy he decided to head back to his home. He saw the lights of a funfair near his house...
The music, lights and people attracted his attention.
He loved funfairs, especially the carousel... It has wooden horses going up and down when running at the sound of a song....
He stood by the carousel and watched it. He wanted to ride that carousel so much! Unfortunately, he had no more coins.
The ticket price was the same as he spent buying a piece of cake for the little girl. If he hadn’t bought the cake, he would have the money to go round the carousel.   
He then remembered the girl’s happy face. He dismissed that selfish thought in his head straight away.
"Never mind" - he thought - "Mom always told me that whatever we do to others, God will give us double. My money was well spent. "
He then saw a very well-dressed boy standing beside him. He was eating an ice cream. Seeing friends look at the carousel, said:
- Do you want to ride on that horse?
- Yes, I do but I have no money - he said.
The boy handed him two tickets saying, indifferent:
- Here.
- But I have nothing to pay! - Fernando stammered.
- It doesn’t matter. I am tired of these toys. My father owns this park and I always get these tickets.
Fernando stared at the tickets and thanked the other boy. He then said to himself, with tears in his eyes:
- My mother was right. I knew that God would reward me, but I didn’t expect it to be so fast.

                                                AUNTIE CÉLIA

Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine
Author: Célia Xavier Camargo
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies
Thanks Carolina Von Scharten

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