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Gavin was a very mischievous boy. He was not a bad child, but was always playing tricks on people. He also caused trouble at school and scared his little brothers at home.
Nobody had peace next to him.
Everyone knew that he would be doing something bad every time he entered into a new place.    
His mother Danna worried about her child’s behavior, as it didn’t change.
One day, Gavin's mother blurted talked to a Spiritist friend. She said she was no longer bearing the complaints that came from all sides: neighbors, school, relatives and friends.
—Why don’t you try to send him to Moral Education classes at the Spiritist Center I go to? — her friend suggested.
—Do you think it’s going to help? — the mother replied, in doubt.
The friend pondered, with a serene smile:
—There is no harm in trying! You have nothing to lose, right? I'll see what I can do.
Danna thought for a while and thought that maybe her friend Nora was right. Her son was growing up without any religious concepts.
—Okay. Where is this Spiritist Center? — Danna asked.
Danna wrote down the address. They then said good-bye to each other.
On Sunday, Danna took the boy promptly to the Spiritist Centre at the agreed time. Some children already knew Gavin from school. As soon as they saw him, they yawned but said nothing. Teacher Nora would talk about "guardian Angel" on that day.
— Did you know that we all have a Spirit of Light; someone interested in our welfare and progress, to whom God gave the mission to guide and direct us in life? —She asked.
One child said softly:
— Then Gavian’s guardian Angel should be a "little devil"!
The other children erupted in laughter. Gavin complained:
—Look, teacher! This girl is saying that I live together with a "little devil"!
Teacher Nora put order into the room and reprehended students for their disrespect to the new classmate. She then explained:
—Firstly, there is no "little devil". What exist are imperfect spirits, who are ignorant and like to play. They cause us minor annoyances and confusions. These spirits Spirits are called "mocking" or "playful."
Whenever they are near us, making us company, is a sign that we are not doing well because it is our thinking that attracts them. Our guardian Angel, who really loves us and desires our good, feels very sad when that happens.
Gavin paid much attention to what the teacher said. She talked about interesting things that were unknow to him. He asked, interested:
—You mean that "ghosts" do actually exist?
The others laughed, amused with his question. The professor replied with sincerity:
— Not exactly. There are spirits of people who have lived here on earth and who have left the material body; they have disincarnated, as we say. Nobody dies in fact. We are all immortal spirits, created for progress. God is our Father; He will always give us opportunities to learn and evolve. Those who have left this life go to the spiritual world, a different reality that coexists with us, without us noticing. As on Earth, some are good, others indifferent, bad, scholars, playful, and so on.
Gavin meditated a little; then asked:
— So, my grandfather is still alive ?!...
—Yes, certainly. He still likes you anyway, Gavin. He is certainly still interested in your development.
Gavin lowered his head, feeling ashamed and said no more.
He loved his grandfather very much. He had suffered a lot with his grandpa’s death. It took him a long time to accept the fact. He now knows he is still alive.  He is so happy with this good news, but this also made him uneasy. If his grandfather was close to him, he should not be enjoying his behavior.    
Gavin returned home after the lecture. His mom noticed a change in her son straight away. His  brother teased him at lunchtime, but Gavin did not react. He didn’t disturb anyone on that day.
Her mother accompanied him to his room at bedtime. She noted with surprise that he made a prayer, something that was not part of his daily habits. He said:
—Thank you Jesus for this day. Help me so I can be a good boy. Help Dad, Mom and my little brothers, so we can all live in peace and joy. So be it.
Danna waited until he finished the prayer and asked him:
—I noticed you were very thoughtful all day today, my son. Did something happen?
Gavin told his mother what he had learned at the spiritist education class. He then concluded, with his eyes wide open:
—What if Grandpa is sad with me, mom? I do not want to upset him! I want him to feel proud of me!
Danna felt surprised with everything her son told him. She agreed with him, mentally thanking God for sending help through her friend Nora, with her eyes moist with emotion.
From that day, Danna also began attending the Spiritist Center. She recognized the importance of the spiritist knowledge in the people’s lives.
                                                                                                                                                                                         AUNTIE CÉLIA

Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine
Author: Célia Xavier Camargo
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies
Thanks Carolina Von Scharten

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