Raffie, the Giraffe

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Raffie was a small, beautiful and kind hearted giraffe. Her body was covered with a short and silky fur. It had beautiful honey-colored stains that glowed in the sun.
Despite being young, Raffie’s neck was already very long!
This caused her problems with other animals of the forest. She had difficulty making friends.
Other smaller animals discriminated her for being very large. Nobody wanted to play with her.
When she invited the rabbit for a walk, he would give an excuse:
— I can not now, Raffie. I need to clean my house.    
If she went to the squirrel’s home and called him to play, he replied:
—I can not now, Raffie. I have to look for food. Maybe later?
This happened everytime she sought a different animal in the forest. One day she was walking through the woods and found them together, playing hide and seek. She then stopped looking for them, considering they did not like her.
She felt sad and alone, but what should she do?
Her mother, seeing her gloomy, consoled her:
— My daughter, if your friends do not like you because of your size, they do not deserve your friendship.
One day, walking through the forest, Raffie heard a strange shouting. She walked up to discover where the noise came from.
Do you know what it was? There were her friends, who were weeping in despair. There was the rabbit, the squirrel, the fox, the frog and crane, the bird. Raffie asked:
—Why are you crying? What happened?
They were very happy to see her there.
— Oh, Raffie! We are so glad you came! You are the only one who can help us! —The squirrel cried with relief.
And the rabbit added:
  —We are lost! We went for a walk and no longer know our way back home. I think we're running in circles! Can you tell us the direction we should take? 
Raffie smiled, pleased with the opportunity to help.     
— Sure!
Then the little giraffe stretched its long neck, looking around over the trees and said:
—You should go north. Over here! —and showed with one of her forelegs the direction they should follow. I also need to get back home. I will go with you.
The whole group made their way back, happy and relieved. Some of the animals were feeling tired. Raffie decided to carry them back.
They loved to ride on the back of the little giraffe. Everyone wanted to have their turn.
When they arrived near the houses, they said goodbye to Raffie.
—Raffie, you're pretty cool! Thank you - the rabbit said.
— You're a great despite your size - the fox recognized.
They had learned to know her and liked her now.
Raffie thanked them, feeling satisfied. Her good deed had an effect.
On the next day, the little giraffe woke up with the call of her new friends.

                                              AUNTIE CÉLIA

Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine
Author: Célia Xavier Camargo
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies
Thanks Carolina Von Scharten

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