The Sloth

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The main concern of Caius’ mother was to be able to educate her child. She wanted him to become someone who had good feelings, who enjoyed to study and work. If these goals were achieved, it'd be great.
However, Caius was someone who loved leading a good life with no responsibilities or duties. He was quite lazy. He avoided any kind of physical and/or mental efforts. He felt it was such a pain to have to go to school. He never enjoyed to do any kind of service his mother asked him to do. She joked with him by saying:
- You act just like a sloth!
But Caius did not mind being called a sloth. He only enjoyed having fun with his friends.
One day he was playing and his mom asked him to take a shower. He went to the bathroom muttering:
- Oh, Mom! I want to play! Why do I have to take a shower?
His mom patiently answered:
–  Because it’s necessary for you to take a shower, my son! Have you ever wondered what would happen if you didn’t shower every day? You would soon be dirty, smelly and no one would want to approach you.
- Oh! What if I do not want to shower? – the undisciplined boy replied.
- You would be subject to diseases, due to microorganisms that come from bacteria. These proliferate in the dirt. Would you like to take the risk?
The boy looked down, stirring the water with your hands.
His mom saw he was not convinced by her words. She then said after watching him for a moment:
- Caius, look at you! Have you ever thought how wonderful your body is?
- My body?! - The boy looked up, interested.
- Yes, my son. God gave you a perfect body! Everything works well. Your vision is perfect, you can listen well ... Make an effort: Think of everything you received from God.
The boy thought a moment and remembered:
- My legs are strong and lead me where I want to go. My arms are also perfect and I am quite strong, ain’t I?
- Yes, my son.
Caius was enjoying the chat. He thought and then realised:
- I am intelligent and a fast learner when I want to be. I can also hear quite well. I am able to speak properly… On the other hand, Heloise, my colleague, has trouble speaking….
- Yes, Caius. Our Father in Heaven gave you these and many other good things that you can relate to. But have you thought about the responsibility you have for all you have received?
The boy's eyes widened up in amazement.
- Responsibility?
- Yes, my son. It is when we have to answer for the damage we caused to something or to someone. Don’t you feel responsible for looking after a present you just got, for example? – his mother said.
- It's true. I look after my toys with great care and don’t let anyone break or ruin them.
- Okay, my son. If a toy is broken it can be repaired. If it can’t be repaired, you could even get a new one. Therefore, we can’t do the same with our body. It was a gift given by God to us so that we could use it throughout our lifetime. So how do you think you should treat your body?
- I had not thought about that before, Mom. I must look after it, wash and clean it so I can keep it working properly.
- That’s right, Caius. If you look after your body, it will always be healthy and you will be able to use it for a long time.
The boy thought for a moment and asked again:
- Xiii! But I do not know how to wash it from the inside!
His mother laughed at the idea and clarified:
- Do not worry, Caius. God does everything so well the cleaning of the inner side of our body is done automatically. The organs themselves clean and eliminate what is not needed.
- I know! This is what happens with feces and pee.
- Exactly, but not only that my son. If our material body, which is transitory, needs our care and dedication, what does our eternal Spirit require?
- Will I have to wash the Spirit too? - the boy asked, in astonishment.
- On, no, my son. Although, if you already want to be best; if you already want to follow the teachings of Jesus, we must cleanse our soul. How do we do it?
- It's hard, Mom.
- No, it’s not. You only need good will and perseverance. We have to clear our thoughts, removing the negative things. We should correct our feelings, putting goodness in our attitudes. We should also renew our ideals and aspirations, wishing the best, elevating our thoughts to the Higher Spheres. We must also be ready to work, learn and grow. Never stand still, without any action. Do you know why?
- No.
- Because there are also microbes and bacteria in the spiritual world. They attack the people who do not take good care of their inner cleaning.
The boy was silent, reflecting on everything he had heard. He then concluded, smiling:
- You're right, Mom. I do not want to be a sloth.

Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine
Author: Célia Xavier Camargo
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London,  linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies
Thanks Carolina Von Scharten

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