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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Power of Understanding

Reading ... litlle story

One of Jonas’ toys was gone. He got angry and suspected his brother Luke, who was only three years old, took it. He then shouted:
- Luke, give me back my new red wagon.
- I do not know where it is. I did not catch your car - replied the boy.
- Yes, you took it. Tell me where you hid it, Luke!
The little boy then insisted, crying:
- I did not take it! I did not take it! It wasn’t me!
Their mom came into the room and held the younger child. She saw what was happening and said to the eldest son:
- Jonas, my son, you are eleven years old and can not be fighting with your brother. If Luke said he did not take it, believe him. Look carefully around the house and eventually you will be able to find your toy.
Jonah left the room and started searching for the cart. He was feeling  extremely angry with the situation. He searched his bedroom, the backyard, the balcony and even the bathroom. He was still not able to find his favorite toy.
Not knowing where else to look, Jonas entered his dad’s office. He stared at his father’s  bookcase and thought: It can only be here!
He removed all books from the shelf.
When the father arrived in the evening, was startled. Jonas found lost in the books, discouraged.
 - What happened, son? - Asked, amazed.
- I was looking for my cart, Dad.
- In the midst of my books? And did you find it?
- No, Daddy.
- Well then, now put the books back in the right place.
- But, Daddy! I'm tired! - the boy complained, frowning.
His father then said, with patience:
- Jonas, you were the one who made this mess. So it is you who should clean it up, putting the books back in the right place! You can start it now; otherwise you will not be able to end it up till bedtime.
They did not see that Luke entered into the room, hidden behind the table, and listened to the entire conversation.
Once their father left the room, Luke volunteered to help:
- Do you need help Jonas?
The older brother was carrying a big stack of books in his arms he could hardly bear. He answered, very grumpy:
- You?! Go away, little brat! You do not have the strength to carry such heavy books. Now, please let me work!
Jonas felt exhausted after a short while. He decided to take a break to rest and have a snack, but was so tired he sat on the sofa, watching television, and ended up taking a nap.
When he woke up, he got a shock!
"My God, I felt asleep and did not finishing tidying up daddy’s books!"
He ran to the office and felt quite surprised with what he saw...
It seemed like a miracle! The books were all in the right place, although slightly misaligned!
- Who has done this? – he whispered in disbelief.
A cheerful and clear voice answered:
- I did it!
It was Luke. He was so happy with his work, carrying the last book.
- How did you do that, Luke? They are very heavy! How did you load a stack of books?
- It didn’t carry a stack of books. I carried one by one!
Jonas looked at his brother, admired by the work he had accomplished. He realized that he ignored Luke’s help since he judged him incapable of doing it. However, his little brother  proved he could perform that task. He couldn’t carry heavy weight, but used his head and carried the books slowly.
Jonas approached his brother and embraced him.
- Luke, today you showed me that we can always do what we want. All we need is good-will and creativity. Thank you, brother.
Their parents were passing by at that moment and stopped to watch the scene. They were also pleased to see the brothers embracing each other and at peace.
Their mom then said:
- There is one thing missing to complete the lesson of the day, Jonas. Do you remember your little red wagon? Well, I found my son. It was in the middle of your clothes in the closet.
Jonas blushed with shame. He then turned to his brother and said:
- Luke, I do not know how to apologize for how I acted. I made a mistake and misjudged you twice today. You showed you are small in size but has a big heart. Despite having been mistreated by me, you supported my temper and my anger. When you saw I was in trouble, you helped me with joy, accomplishing a task that was mine. Can you forgive me, please?
The young boy hugged Jonas with a grin:
- Sure! Can you take me for a walk tomorrow?
Everyone laughed, happy to be part of a family that had problems just like any other, but above all was a happy one, because there is understanding, generosity and love among all members.
                                                                                  AUNTIE CÉLIA
Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine
Author: Célia Xavier Camargo
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London,  linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies
Thanks Carolina Von Scharten

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