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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Making A Decision

Reading...Litlle story

    Debra, just seven years old, was a very smart and active girl. She watched and noticed everything.
One day, she went with her parents to visit her grandparents who lived in a nearby town. 
The arrival was a joy to Debra, who was very fond of Grandma Cathy and Grandpa Joe.
The grandmother came to greet them joyfully, and the girl soon asked:
- Grandma, where is Grandpa Joe?
The grandmother explained that Grandpa was resting. He had not felt fine the day before and went to the doctor, who recommended rest and asked for some tests.
Worried, Gilbert, Debra's father, went immediately to his parent's bedroom. He greeted his dad, gave him a hug,
- What happened, Dad? You seem pretty down!
The old man replied laughing:
- That's nothing, my son. Nonsense!
- Nonsense, my father? You need to take better care of your health!
- I'm fine, my son. But let me give the world's most beautiful granddaughter a hug! - he added, seeing the girl who had entered behind her father.
He hugged Debra, then told her:
- There is a surprise for you in the closet. Just ask Grandma.
- Thank you, Grandpa.
And Debra, as she was leaving the room, curious to see the present, heard her father say, quite seriously:
- Daddy, you need to stop drinking. Surely, they do you no good! Alcohol messes up the blood pressure and can provoke a more serious problem. Who knows if the episode that you had yesterday is not a consequence of it?
Debra heard frightened what her father had said and was very worried.
They spent the rest of the day at her grandparents' house and, at dusk, they went home happy after those enjoyable hours. Her grandfather Joe was much better and grandmother Cathy calmer.    
A few days later, trying to find some documents, Gilbert had already searched the whole house without any result. Then, he decided to look in the most unlikely of places: the closet in the room where he kept a few bottles of wine.
When he opened the closet he was very surprised: it was completely empty!
Gilbert thought that was strange. Who would have taken
away all the bottles?
Immediately, he went to the kitchen where his wife was preparing lunch and asked her:
- Vera, did you empty the closet of the wine room?
- No, absolutely not!
- Was it the maid?
- No, dear, she would not do it without an order. 
- So who was it?
At this time, Debra came home from school and entered the kitchen, hearing the conversation between her parents. A little afraid, she confessed:
- I did it, Dad.
Gilbert came close to her daughter very angry and put his hands on his waist:
- Why did you do it, girl?
The girl said trembling:
- Daddy, do not get mad at me! I was worried about you!
- Worried about me? Oh my! But why?
The girl explained that hearing the conversation between her father and grandfather, she thought her father could also get sick because of drinking and decided to throw the bottles away. Then she concluded:
- So Daddy, just as you were concerned about Grandpa Joe, I too, was worried about you, who are my father. I do not want you to get sick either!
- And you threw them all away?
- Yes, I did! ...
And she added, showing great coherence for a girl her age: 
 - But only after opening and emptying the bottles because I did not want someone else picking them up from the garbage and also getting sick.
Admiring his daughter's logic, Gilbert sighed, remembering the expensive wines that were lost. However, he could recognize the courage and determination of Debra who made a decision, believing that it would be the best, even though there could be consequences. 
Gilbert sat down, put his daughter on his lap, hugged her and said moved: 
- Thank you, my daughter, for showing me this truth. You're right. Alcoholic beverages are not good for anyone.
- So you're not angry with me, Dad?
- No, little one.
The girl took a deep breath and exclaimed:
- Good! After I threw the bottles away, I was afraid, so I asked Jesus to help me and protect me! ...


(Message received by Celia X. de Camargo on 07/03/2011.)
Translation Johnny Silveira
fonte: O Consolador

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