Be a Volunteer

Be a volunteer at the Spiritist Center
Do not wait to be elected a director to cooperate. Collaborate without
imposing conditions, at any place, even today.
Be a volunteer in the instructive study.
Do not wait for others to call upon your attention. Study on your own.
Be a volunteer in mediumship
Do not wait for mediumistic development sitting systematically at session
tables. Seek for the companionship of higher spirits, assisting the
unfortunate ones.
Be a volunteer in social welfare services.
Do not wait for them to come drag your clothing supplicating for aid.
Seek your needy neighbors and help them, anyway you can.
Be a volunteer spreading the word.
Do not wait for wealth to spread the principles of faith. Disseminate
books and theoretical publications now.
Be a volunteer at the Spiritist press.
Do not wait sitting back, for the subscriptions collection. Send your
invitation, even though a modest one, but within your capabilities.
Yes my friend. Do not feel accomplished.
Cultivate spontaneity during the tasks of goodness.
“The sowing is plentiful and the workers are few”
We live the times of fundamental renovation.
Hence, in service we go through, the threshold of the Spirit Era!
Trumpets resonate calling everyone together to the benches of Spiritism.
There is work for everyone
Everyone can serve on his or her own way
Register yourself while you are still able.
Take initiative.
Introduce yourself to any renovating activity front and serve without
Almost always, a Spiritist without service is a soul on its way to frightful
dark mazes in the lower zones.
Be a volunteer in the Works of Jesus, our Master and Lord!
Translated by Flavio Zanetti

                                                by Caibar Schutel
Source Spiritist Education

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