Message Addressed to the Workers Involved with Spiritist Education for Children and Youth

The Divine Answer

An Assembly of Spiritual Benefactors met and considered perpetuating Jesus’ message, which was reborn with Spiritism, in the world. Emotion and anxiety were then present at these angelical hearts.
Some scholars suggested the disclosure of the immortal book. Mystics, who were used to long periods of solitude and renouncement, suggested charity would serve the affliction of the millenniums. Saints, who self-sacrificed with their work and developed several virtues, suggested the dissemination of the prayer as a link with Life’s Supreme Command. Scientists, who were used to long periods of research, pointed out the need to disseminate the mediumship phenomena with confidence. Heroes known for their Faith opted for the instigation of indefatigable fights in which the believers would be tested, as a way to act against the darkness.
They all agreed it was necessary to maintain the Christian-Spiritist ideal awaken at all times; even at the hard periods that were about to come.
Therefore, they noted the impossibility of a mass reincarnation of spiritual benefactors. They then required to study and reflect on the next steps needed.
A person, who was standing in silence until then, suggested they all prayed to God searching for Divine inspiration.
Whilst their hearts joined together praying, silver drizzle flakes fell over them, blessing their request.
Nevertheless, in the middle of lights that fascinated all those present, a heart – symbol of love and maternity - appeared to them, with Jesus’ Gospel placed in the middle showing the following passage:
"Let the children come to me..."

The spiritual benefactors tell us that, since that time, every year spirits who are compromised with the Spiritist Education for Children and Youth are reincarnating in the world. Their aim is to disseminate the Spiritist Doctrine amongst the children around the world, showing Kardec’s teachings to them, under the blessings of Jesus Christ.
                                                           Amélia Rodrigues
(Message received by Divaldo Pereira Franco in 28th January 1961, in Salvador-Bahia, Brazil. From the book: Evangelho e Educação de Ramiro Gama - – Translation: Gospel and Education from Ramiro Gama, pg. 7)

Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, Sir William Crookes Spiritist Society linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies.

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