Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Relationship Recipe

Reading...little story

Lucy was in her room playing with her toys. Suddenly, she became angry and threw her favourite doll on the floor and then left the room slamming the door violently.

Lucy's mother, who was in the kitchen making lunch, heard the noise and went after Lucy:

- What is happening, my daughter?

The girl replied sourly:

- I'm sick of my toys. I want no more of my doll, I do not want anything else! ...

Surprised, the mum stopped what she was doing, sat down and put Lucy on her lap. She was concerned about her seven year-old daughter. In an age where all is joy, she always seemed grumpy, at odds with the world.

Then she embraced her with infinite love and said:

- Dear, you're beautiful, you have a nice house, a family, expensive toys. Why are you so despondent?

The girl seemed to think for a moment, then replied:

- I do not know, Mum! I guess nobody likes me.

- My daughter, this is not true! Everyone loves you, believe me! What we need is to be grateful to God who gave us a good life and so much love. You have a mum, dad, your brothers, your friends...

- My brothers are always fighting with me! Paul, just because he is older, thinks he can boss me around, and Julio, for being younger, feels entitled to everything. I pick up a toy and he wants it soon and I have to give it to him. It's not fair! And nobody in school likes me either. My classmates are annoying! ...

With much patience, the mother explained to the girl:

- Lucy, to live in the world, we must learn to live with all people. If we see imperfections in them, they certainly also see flaws in us too, because nobody is perfect!
So looking through the kitchen door, the mother saw a lovely scene and showed it to her daughter:

- Look, Lucy! Your puppy is playing with Paul's kitty! Isn't it beautiful?

The girl thought that their behaviour was strange:

- But I heard that cats and dogs are always enemies! You yourself are always saying that Paul and I fight "like cats and dogs"!

- Exactly, honey! Because that's what usually happens. Cats do not make friends with dogs!

The girl looked back at the scene amazed. The kitten and puppy rolling on the ground, playing without stopping.

- So why is it that these two are acting different from others?

The mother thought for a moment and replied:

- Each one of us chooses our own path, what you want to be or do. For these two pets, traditionally enemies, they saw that there is nothing that separates them and they get along well together. Got it?

- I got it, Mum. You mean I can also live with my brothers without fighting.

- Yes, daughter. Also, you do not know how they see you! You'd like others to only see your good side, right? So, try, as well, to only see their good side. Do not criticize, do not fight. Be a friend, a partner, talk to them and you will be amazed. Use it like a prescription for a medicine you need to take every day to get cured.

Lucy accepted the suggestion of the mother.

From that moment on, she began to act differently with the brothers. She began by approaching little Julio. She sat down to play with him in the room and saw that the little brother got all happy and even gave her a toy, which surprised her.

When Paul came home from school and found Lucy playing with their younger brother, he was intrigued. He approached them and started talking to her, telling her what had happened at school and talking to her about his colleagues.

Therefore, a good environment of understanding settled in the air. The
house was most cheerful and a feeling of well-being invaded the whole family

By bedtime that night, Lucy made a prayer with her mother, thanking Jesus for the change brought to her life.

Lucy had noticed that in fact the problem was in herself and the way she saw people. Her brothers had nothing against her. Suffice she resolved to act differently, to open up to understanding and everything changed for the better.

Before bed, she even thought:

- Tomorrow, I'll try this new recipe, which my mother gave me, with my school friends. I hope it works out!


Received by Celia X. Camargo on 21/03/2011.  Transaltion Johnny Silveira
Source: Consolador

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