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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The blue whale

Reading ... Litlle story

She was born big and strong. Since newborn, the whale was already much larger than the other inhabitants who lived deep into the ocean. After all, it was a whale. A beautiful blue whale! His friends called him flabby. The whale couldn’t play and have fun like all other sea creatures because of its size.
Over time, it could only play with the other whales. It began to develop a huge disdain for other creatures, whether fish, molluscs or shellfish.
The blue whale began to consider others to be small and insignificant. It was now full of pride for its size and beauty. The whale would say to the other sea creatures when they approached wanting to play or just talk:
- Can’t you see? Look at my size and look at yours! Go and find other creatures. I am busy now to talk to you.
Many sea creatures ran away from it for fear of being crushed by the blue whale. It then began to believe to be invincible and self-sufficient. It claimed, confident and full of pride:
- I am strong and powerful. I don’t need anybody.
One day, however, it went strolling with her mom, but decided to go on a different direction. The blue whale was delighted to see the beauty of some corals. It ended up getting lost from the rest of the group.
That region was absolutely unknown to the baby blue whale.
It didn’t worry. The blue whale was strong and knew how to defend itself. There wasn’t one single living creature in the see that could beat it up. The whale was also confident it would be able to find the way home. It was only a matter of time. It wasn’t afraid of anything, with its intelligence and strength.
The whale travelled vast distances without knowing which way it was going to. The whale then suddenly began to feel tired. It came closer to a beach and got stuck on a sandbank. The whale tried to get away from it but couldn’t. It then began to plead for help:
- Help! Help! I'm stuck and can’t get out! Help! Please!
The beach was desert; hardly anyone passed by those areas.
The poor animal had now spent many hours away from the water, under the sun. It felt increasingly weak after that time, feeling exhausted from fighting for its life.
Nobody answered its prayers. The poor blue whale thought that was going to be the end of its life. It would die there, helpless and far from its family.
She cried a lot. The blue whale soon realized that it wasn’t as self-sufficient as it always believed to be. The huge body of the blue whale, it was always so proud of, was precisely the reason why it was on the sandbar.
The blue baby whale said, with tears in the eyes:
- Ah! If I were small as the other fish I wouldn’t be in this situation now.
The whale meditated a lot. The animal decided that if it managed to survive from that incident, it would become a different whale. It would never despise anyone anymore. The whale would stop being so proud and become friends with every sea creature.
A boy walked on that beach, a few hours later. He saw the blue whale and shouted in delight:
- A blue whale! It seems to be stuck, the poor thing. I'll get help.
If it was another time, the blue whale wouldn’t believe such small creature could be of some use. It was different now, however. The whale thanked God for sending that young child to help it.
After some time, the boy returned with his father and other people. They worked together and managed to free the whale, which happily disappeared in the waters.
Some time later, the whale found its mother. Mother whale was very worried, looking for her baby whale everywhere. Phew! What a relief!
On that day, a great party took place in the sea. The fish were quite surprised for being invited by the blue whale to that party. Furthermore, the sea creatures were received with care and attention by the beautiful blue whale, which changed from that day onwards.

                                                                 AUNTIE CÉLIA

Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine
Author: Célia Xavier Camargo
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies
Thanks Carolina Von Scharten

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