Turtle, the Messenger

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One day, a long time ago, the animals that lived in a big forest learned that a group of men sought to knock down all the trees to turn them into wood.
The animals felt scared, because that would mean their destruction too. They decided to send a message asking for help to a group of friendly people who were also nature lovers.
The animals gathered together to decide who would be the bearer of the message, because it was a very important mission. The place where the messenger would have to go was too far away.
Four animals showed up and said they could do the task: a bird, a squirrel, a monkey and a turtle.
- I am the best for the task - the bird said, puffing his chest - I can fly quite quickly and give them the message.
The squirrel stroked its soft fur and spoke with pride:
- I am in a better condition to accomplish the mission, because I am quick and agile!
The monkey, scratching his head, said:
- No! I am the most suitable one because I can arrive earlier at the final destination. I will be jumping from branch to branch and get there really quickly.
Everyone laughed when the little turtle said it wanted to be the messenger. After all, the animals had urgency to have the message delivered. The turtle was known to be very slow. The lion asked, after the animals stopped laughing:
- Why do you think you qualify to be the messenger?
- Because I trust God I will make it! - The turtle replied calmly.
After much discussion, the animals wisely decided all four of them would each carry the same message for safety reasons. Whoever arrived at the final destination first, would have the honor of delivering it.
On a beautiful sunny morning, the messengers left carrying the hopes and the trust of all animals.
The squirrel left the forest, running quite quickly; the bird opened its wings and flew fast across the sky. The monkey disappeared from the animals’ sight, jumping from tree to tree.  The poor turtle was the only one that began its journey with a very slow speed, ridiculed by the others.
They faced dangers and obstacles. The monkey had to continue his journey by land, as soon as there were no more trees for him to jump to.
At one point, the road was a big landslide. The squirrel and the monkey were hit by it and couldn’t continue their journey.
The bird flew without difficulties. The turtle, on the other hand, saw the danger. It calmly hid in its shell waiting for it to pass.
Later came a terrible storm. The little bird, despite clunging to trees to protect itself, was dragged by the wind. The turtle, however, stopped its journey again. It hided in its shell from the fury of the storm, hoping the weather would improve. It then continued the  journey.
Due to the heavy rains, the region was totally flooded. The brave turtle didn’t give up. It guarded the letter very well so it didn’t get wet. It continued the journey swimming.
The turtle arrived at its destination after overcoming enormous difficulties, dangers and unexpected difficult obstacles. It then learned, quite surprisingly, it was the first to arrive!
The turtle felt proud and happy because it was greeted by everyone at the final destination. It came home with friends who would protect them and prevent the forest destruction.
The turtle arrived at the forest full of glory, for the astonishment of the other animals. They could never imagine the little turtle would fulfill such an important mission.
The animals then realized that all creatures deserve respect and consideration, and that all are able to win. Many times the creatures that seem to have the best conditions to win might not be those who make use of the best opportunities they have.
They then asked the turtle what she attributed her victory to.
- I believe that without patience, persistence, courage and a lot of faith, I couldn’t have won – the turtle replied.
He concluded with ease:

                                                     AUNTIE CÉLIA

Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine
Author: Célia Xavier Camargo
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies
Thanks Carolina Von Scharten

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