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Gustav, who was an eleven year old boy, took a book from the shelf and began reading through it. His dad was amused reading his daily newspaper. The boy suddenly stopped and asked his father:
- Daddy, what is free will?
His father put the paper to one side and took off his glasses:
- Free will, my son, is the capacity that human beings have to make their own decisions; make their own choices. Did you get it?
- No.
His father replied, with patience:
- Let me give you an example, Gustav. Tomorrow is Saturday and you have football training in the afternoon. Will you go?
- I don’t know, Dad. I also have an invitation to attend a birthday party, at the same time.
- I know... It’s George’s Birthday, your childhood friend. So, what will you decide to do? Are you going to football game or going to the party?
- I'm not going to George’s party, Dad. I think I'm going to the training.
- Oh, so you've already decided?
The boy thought for a moment and replied:
- Football is a commitment I took earlier this year and I shouldn’t miss. The team needs me. But then again, Dad, if I'm not going to his birthday, George will be upset with me.
- So, are you going to your friend's birthday?
Gustav scratched his head, feeling quite confused. He then said:
- Oh, there is another problem. Next week our team has an important game. It will be part of the championship between the schools. Oh My God! I do not know what to do!
The father smiled and said:
- Free will is exactly that, my son. You have to decide between two or more options. At this point in time, you'll have to decide between: pleasure or duty.
- I now understand, Dad. But it is very difficult to take decisions!
The father agreed with him. He also advised Gustav to think a lot until the next day to avoid making a wrong decision.
- My son, free will is a gift from God, but also a conquest from the spirit in the evolutionary path he conducted. So, we need to think carefully before making any decision. Be it right or wrong, we'll always be conditioned to the consequences of our actions, according to the Law of Action and Reaction, or Law of Cause and Effect.
As it was quite late in the evening, they went to sleep.
On the next day, Gustav was sitting at the table eating breakfast in the morning when his father asked:
- So, my son? What did you decide?
- I thought a lot and still haven’t decided. I will decide by this afternoon.
It was almost time to leave. Gustav came to the living room with his bag and a gift-wrapped package in his hand.
- I see you have decided on the birthday party, Gustav. You decided to go for the pleasurable activity - his father said.
The boy shook his head.
- No? Then you are going to training session. You decided to fulfil your duty.
Gustav shook his head again:
- Neither, Daddy.
- I do not understand!
- A third option has appeared, Dad. I remembered we have a maths’ test on Monday. So, I will study with a colleague who understands the subject quite well. But before that, I will go to George’s house to congratulate him and give him the gift I bought for him. Thus, pleasure and duty will also be met.
His father was quite surprised and delighted. His son Gustav, who he thought was a little sloppy with his tasks, had shown it was thoughtful and responsible, making decisions with skill.
He got up and stretched his arms to the boy:
- Congratulations, son. You were able to decide between pleasure and duty. But tell me something… What about your training? The team has a big match next week ...
The boy explained, embracing his dad with a huge smile on his face:
- Yes, Daddy. However, I learned earlier today the game will be postponed. So I had no doubts. I'm calm now; I am sure I made the best decision.
Gustav said farewell to his parents and grabbed his backpack full of books. He then waved one last time and shut their home front door.
His father was happy. He felt great for having a child who had used his free will in such a responsible way.

                                                         AUNTIE CÉLIA

Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine
Author: Célia Xavier Camargo
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London,  linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies
Thanks Carolina Von Scharten

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