David, the Little Elephant

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Once there was a small elephant that lived in the clearing of a large forest with his family. In fact, he was not small; he was much larger than any of the other animals of the forest.
This elephant had a loving family, a peaceful life, good friends and a beautiful place to live. However, David was always unsatisfied. And you know why? Because he thought his trunk was huge!
He looked at the other animals and didn’t feel happy with his appearance. He then asked his mother:
- Why is it just me, mom, among all my friends who have got a long and  ugly nose?
- Because God wanted it that way, my son. And whatever God does is perfect, David.
- But I wanted to have a muzzle as soft as a rabbit one, or perhaps the muzzle as elegant as the one from a fox! – the elephant replied, feeling quite angry.
The poor David spent hours looking at himself in the clear waters of the lake, crying. He was unhappy with his figure:
- Bua! ... bua! ... bua! ... I look so horrible!
One day, after much crying, he laid down in the shade of a tree and fell asleep. To his surprise, when he woke up he noticed that something was missing... He then discovered:
- My trunk is gone! Yey! ... My trunk was gone! ...
There was like a pig snout instead of his trunk, which looked just like a socket. He thanked God that the help received. He then stood up and decided to show his friends his new beautiful and elegant nose.
But as it was very hot, David decided to cool off in the lake. He tried to grab some water from the lake to wash his back, but failed. He couldn’t do it anymore. Oh, it was so good when David could play with the water!
- Never mind, he thought. - I'm hungry and I will eat some leaves.
He then left the water and headed to a tree where he could see some beautiful and tender new leaves right at the top. He soon realized he could not get it.
He stretched ... and stretched ... and stretched his nose…. But wasn’t able to reach it. He realised his nose was too short to reach the tree branch.
He tried to pick some leaves from the ground, but failed. Chiiii! He tried to scratch his back, to drink water, but wasn’t able to do it.
He now began to feel sad and distressed with the new muzzle. He was so pleased and excited earlier, but was now thinking he might die of hunger and thirst without his trunk.
He then decided to walk a bit through the woods thinking about how he would solve his problem. He found his friends the rabbit and the squirrel.
Both of them screamed, as they didn’t recognise David.
- It’s me, David. Don’t you recognize me?
The rabbit and the squirrel looked at him and asked:
- What happened, David? You're looking horrible!
And he told them he had asked God to remove that the trunk he hated so much.
- Well, now how are you going to take us for a walk on your back? How are we going to climb at your back, without your trunk?

- Yeah! – David realised, now repentant.

He left his friends and went home. But his father, mother and brothers didn’t accept him, saying:

- Go away! We don’t recognize you!

- But It's me, David! Don’t you recognize me?

- Liar. Our David looks very different and has a beautiful trunk like ours. Get out of here!
The elephant expelled by the family he loved so much… They didn’t recognise David… He then left the house and walked away crying disconsolately.
David then woke up with the tears falling down his face. He was very pleased to find out it was all just a dream. He looked his trunk, which was now back in the right place. He then sighed with relief.
He ran to tell his mother his dream and said firmly:
- Now I know that God really knows what to do. Our trunk is very important and useful in our lives.
- Exactly, my son, and I'm glad you have understood this truth - her mother nodded, smiling at David.
From that day onwards, David never wanted to be different. He is always living happily with what God has given him.
                                                                                  AUNTIE CÉLIA

Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine
Author: Célia Xavier Camargo
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London,  linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies
Thanks Carolina Von Scharten

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