The Future Astronaut

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Luke was a seven year old boy who was always looking at the sky, admiring the stars and daydreaming.
He loved the space and enjoyed imagining he was an astronaut. When he gathered with his friends at home, they loved playing they were in a spaceship travelling through the galaxies. They invented difficulties, obstacles and problems which they solved, always making sure they returned safely to Earth.
When Luke won a space suit, he became euphoric. He then was not able to do anything. He spent all the time wearing these clothes, living in his fantasy world. He was having difficulties to concentrate at school. He was always thinking somewhere else… One day he could not do his school homework. His teacher then asked:
- Why did you not do your homework, Luke?
He looked down, feeling quite embarrassed for being reprimanded in front of his colleagues. He then replied:
- I forgot, teacher.
One of his schoolmates was called Daniel. This child was always joking around about everything. The boy then suggested:
- I think he was daydreaming about stars, teacher.
Everyone then began to laugh.
- Silence! - The teacher ordered.
She then looked at the child who made the joke and said:
- Why did you say that, Daniel?
The boy then replied:
- I am sorry, teacher, but Luke is always playing about space travelling!
- Ah! So that's why you didn’t do your homework, Luke?
- Yes, teacher. That’s true. When I play, I don’t see the time passing by... I love wearing my space suit and imagining I'm on a mission in space.
- I understand. But why are you so interested on it? What do you expect from this?
Lucas then explained, given the teacher's attention:
- I want to go to other planets, find life on other worlds and meet different beings. When I grow up, I will study hard because I want to be an astronaut!
The teacher, who gazed at him seriously, considered:
- But don’t you realize that you could get low grades or even fail if you don’t study? Moreover, Luke, this is all nonsense. So far no one has proven that life exists in other planets. You'd better forget this nonsense and try to study. Let’s get back to our lesson!
The teacher turned her back to the blackboard and began to write the day’s lesson. No one else spoke about the subject. Luke, however, was deeply upset. He was feeling humiliated before his peers. The teacher put an end to his dreams, his plans for the future.
Luke returned home, feeling sad and disappointed. He kept his head down all his way back home. Once he arrived in the house, his mother asked:
- Hello, my son! What happened? You look like you're a bit sad. Come here, sit next to mom and tell me what happened.
The boy reported the incident in the classroom and, with tears in his eyes, asked:
- Mom, is it true that there is life on other planets?
His mom's eyes widened in surprise:
- Why not, my son? The fact they haven’t yet found life does not mean there isn’t. Space trips are done exactly to be able to find traces of life on other worlds.
- Oh, yes? I feel more relaxed now - the boy replied, relieved.
The mother thought for a moment, and continued:
- Besides, son, I think your teacher doesn’t know Jesus’ Gospel quite well.
His mother then explained:
- When Jesus said: In my Father's house are many mansions, he spoke on exactly that subject. What is the Father's house, Luke?
- I learned it is all that exists!
- That’s right, my son. Then the house of God, our Father, is the universe with all it contains: sun, moon, stars, planets and everything else. Do you think the Creator, who is the supreme wisdom, would create all this for no reason? For example, would you create a city to place intelligent life only in a small shack, in a neighbourhood located far, far away?
- Of course not, Mom!
- So, Luke, our Heavenly Father didn’t do that.
The boy replied; still feeling quite worried:
- So why haven’t we been able to find life on other world so far, Mom?
His mom thought for a moment and concluded:
- Perhaps it is still early, my son. The number of planets in the universe is immense, which makes the search very difficult. It also happens that our equipment and space ships are not equipped in order to accomplish this task, at this moment in time. Besides, with all the violence that exists in our society, wars which are the fruit of pride, selfishness and greed, what do you think would happen if God would allow humans to disembark on another planet?
- This would lead to fights there! - the boy replied.
- Yes, son. It would lead to confusion, disorder, aggression, violence and more. Everything that exists here in our world. God can’t allow that.
Lucas remained silent, reflecting on what his mother said. She saw how thoughtful her child had become and then concluded by saying:
- But don’t lose hope, son. Trust God. This will all change. In the future, when men become better beings, when we learn to live in peace with our brothers, respect ourselves and nature, God will allow us to find life on other worlds. Until then, don’t stop dreaming about it. Prepare yourself for this and study hard.
     Luke was now filled with joy and hope. He continued staring at the infinite space, admiring stars and dreaming of the day he would become an astronaut, bringing peace to other planets.           

Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine
Author: Célia Xavier Camargo
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London,  linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies
Thanks Carolina Von Scharten

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