The True Mother

Reading... litlle story

The little Indian was walking through the jungle, feeling sad and discouraged.
His mother died on the same day he was born. Since then he had been created by a very good and generous woman. She was prepared to take care of the child, but could not replace the mother he never met.
What would be a "mother"? How would a "mother" be? He wanted to know. So, he decided to go out and ask everyone he met. Someone surely will be able to describe a mother to him! He then went off walking in the woods on a beautiful sunny day… He found a bunny, hidden among the leaves of a bush…
- Mrs. Bunny, what is a "mother"? – he asked.
At this point in time, her pup threw himself into the arms of Mother Bunny, feeling quite scared. The mother bunny, who was covered with beautiful white fur, replied after stroking her son:
- Oh! A mother is someone who protects from the dangers!
He walked a little bit further and found Lady Owl on a tree branch.
- Mrs. Owl, what is a "mother"?
She replied, gazing at her owl cubs with its enormous staring eyes full of tenderness:
- Someone who loves the beautiful puppies God gave her!
The Indian boy walked away still feeling confused, because Owl chicks were quite ugly. Later the little Indian found a little bird that had a tasty worm attached to the nozzle.
- Mrs. Finch, what is a "mother"?
She answered his question without hesitation, after placing the worm in the mouth of her cub.
- "Mother" is the one who feeds, so her cub can grow strong and healthy - she said, convinced.
The little Indian thanked the animal and left. He then found a cat that licked the back of your puppy very carefully… He then asked:
- Mrs. Cat, can you tell me what a "mother" is?
The cat then replied:
- I have no doubt that a "mother" is someone who washes and cares for her babies to always be clean.
It was already a bit late and little Indian needed to go home before dark. He was so confused! Everyone he asked gave him different answers and he did not understand why….
He then began to walk quite quickly…  He suddenly tripped on a log and fell, injuring his leg in a splinter of the tree. He felt a lot of pain. He stood up and decided to walk back but with great difficulty.
When approaching the village, he could see that something was happening because everyone seemed worried. When the people from his village saw him coming, the one who looked after the little indian ran to meet him, feeling quite upset:
- Where did you go? I was worried! Night came and you did not show up! On, no! You are hurt! And look at how messy you are looking! Please come with me. Let's wash the wound and cover it with a dressing. Are you hungry? I prepared that vegetable stew you really like...
He then looked at the woman who was speaking to him with so much love and affection… She was so concern about his welfare… The Indian boy remembered what his friends from the forest had told him. He had no more doubts. How come he never noticed this before? She was everything they said and much, much more.
He had now tears in his eyes. He then spoke with compassion and feeling confident:
– MOMMY !!...

                                                                                             AUNTIE Célia

Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine
Author: Célia Xavier Camargo
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London,  linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies
Thanks Carolina Von Scharten

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