Friends Forever

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Carina used to play all the time with her neighbour, Hugo. He was a nice boy, but very mischievous.
One day, Hugo was angry because Carina refused to play hide and seek with him, preferring the company of another girl friend.
The girls were playing house when the boy angrily came, grabbed Carina’s doll and ran with it. The girl abandoned her friend and ran after him. When she was able to reach him, her doll was destroyed: arms to one side, legs to the other and the beautiful clothes were torn apart.
Carina took the remains of her favourite doll and ran home in tears.
- What happened to my daughter? - Her mother asked when she saw her screaming.
Carina told her mom what happened, sobbing:
– I will never play with Hugo anymore. I never want to see him again. I will never forgive him, mom.
Her took her daughter in her arms with great affection, consoling her.
- I know you are suffering, dear, but it will pass. He likes you and was jealous. That’s why he reacted in that way. You are good friends! You will soon be friends again.
She then claimed, quite confidently:
- Never, Mom. Hugo is no longer my friend.
- Carina, we can buy another doll, my daughter. But a friendship is priceless. Someday you'll understand this – her mom said, calmly.
The lady decided to remain silent as she realised, however, that at that moment there was no point saying anything else, because her daughter was feeling very hurt.
Two days later, Charlie was sad and dismayed. Alone, had no desire to play, once he had lost his good friend. Noticing her grief, her mother suggested:
- Carina, why don’t make peace with Hugo? He already came looking for you and you wouldn’t play or talk to him.
- I can’t, Mom.
Her mother was preparing lunch. She then stopped and said:
- My daughter, how about you get Hugo a new ball? He'll like it very much.
- Oh, Mom! He destroyed my favourite doll and I still have to give a gift to him?
- Do you know why my daughter? You're doing him good. Hugo is also very sad, feeling guilty for what he did.
- Okay. Our Spiritist Education Teacher said the other day we must practice charity.
- Exactly - her mother agreed, smiling.
Later they went out and bought a beautiful ball. Carina then was to bring the gift to Hugo, sealing peace between them.
Her mother then asked once she returned home:
- How was your meeting with Hugo, Carina?
The girl thought a moment and replied:
- More or less. He liked the ball and apologize for breaking my doll.
- And you? Aren’t you happy?
Carina was silent, thoughtful. She went on:
- You know, Mom. I did make peace with him, but inside, deep down – she then placed her hand on her heart - I'm still sad and hurt.
Her mom embraced her daughter, explaining:
- That’s because you haven’t forgiven him, my dear. Remember we said you would do him good; that is, an act of charity? Well. You did material charity, which is the easiest. But the most difficult charity to be practiced is moral charity; especially, forgiveness.
- It's true. I haven’t really forgiven.
- For your sake, try to forget what he did. If you don’t forgive him, you won’t be happy, my daughter.
- I'll try, mom.
Hugo went out looking for Carina a few days later. He was carrying a package in his hands.
- This is for you, Carina. I know it’s not the same thing, but I want you to accept this.
The girl opened it and saw a brand new beautiful doll.                                               - It's so beautiful, Hugo! How did you get it? The boy said, full of satisfaction:                    - When I broke your doll I felt really bad. You know I come from a poor family and my mother wouldn’t have money to buy another doll. But I wanted to repair my mistake.
I asked some friends to help and started working to earn a few bucks.
I washed cars, cleaned gardens, made some deliveries, tidied the kitchen, took care of pets and more. I was then able to buy this doll for you, from my own money.
Carina was surprised. She didn’t think he had been so shaken by what he did to her doll.
- You don’t say anything, Carina. Please accept my gift, with my apology. I am very sorry. Please!
She looked at the boy standing in front of her, pleading with tears in his eyes. She  approached him and gave him a big hug.
- Of course I forgive you, Hugo. We are friends and friendship is priceless.
At that moment, Carina felt inside her chest that a dark cloud came off as a little light began to shine, producing well-being, peace and joy. She then added with a smile:
- We are now friends forever!
                                                        AUNTIE CÉLIA

Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine
Author: Célia Xavier Camargo
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London,  linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies
Thanks Carolina Von Scharten

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