The Scarecrow

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A Scarecrow lived in a garden surrounded by mounds of vegetables. 
He had wooden legs, was upholstered in grass that escaped from here and there, his arms were open… He was there even if rained or shined, in the cold or in the heat.
He wore an old coat which was all patched. He wore a straw hat on his head. He managed to frighten whoever came near it.
The children, who felt frightened, threw stones at him. Small animals flew, feeling horrified when he swung in the wind. The birds didn’t dare come close to him. They felt too fearful of their presence.
The poor Scarecrow felt very unhappy as he was so isolated from all. It felt lonely and worthless.
He could see with its huge button eyes, a man with the hoe digging the soil and  throwing the seeds into it. He saw him looking quite tired and covered in sweat. He had an immense desire to help, but couldn’t leave his place. The Scarecrow was always in the same position.
Time passed by...
The seeds flourished, tomatoes and peas matured… Harvest time came for carrots, cabbage and lettuce.
One day the owner of the garden came with his son. He was carrying a bundle under his arm. The man spoke with great affection, showing the garden to the boy:
- See son, how beautiful is our plantation! The vegetables and legumes grew strong and healthy. It is now time to harvest and serve food to many people. I owe all this to someone. Without his invaluable assistance, this couldn’t have happened. This person is someone who has always been firm in its stand, never abandoning the task entrusted to him. This person was already working before dawn. When the sun disappeared over the horizon, he was still firmly in place.
The doll accompanied with great interest. The man then concluded, pointing to the Scarecrow:
- My friend, the Scarecrow!
That poor puppet, whose heart was made of straw, was thrilled and even felt tears coming from his button eyes. The man said, approaching him with a kind smile:
- You, my dear Scarecrow, will get a present for all the help you gave me without expecting anything in return, keeping away animals and birds that would spoil the plants.
The man than unwrapped the package he brought:
- You will get a new outfit!
Henceforth, whoever passed by the neighbourhood, would see a beautiful scarecrow with a new suit jacket and new hat on his head, taking care of the garden. The Scarecrow was very proud of his task. And quite strangely, if observed with attention, a slight smile of satisfaction could be seen at the Scarecrow’s face.
He knew that, like all people, was also useful. He had a job to do, and even if small, was very important.
And also because the scarecrow now felt it was LOVED!

                                                         AUNTIE CÉLIA

Source: O Consolador – Weekly Spiritist Magazine
Author: Célia Xavier Camargo
Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London,  linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies
Thanks Carolina Von Scharten

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